Handmade Holiday Gift Idea: Make-Your-Own Cookbook

Tastbook - Build Your Own Cookbook

Preparing food from scratch is a lost art these days. We rip open boxes and packages in an effort to satisfy our hunger, but these processed alternatives pale in comparison to home cooked meals–in both care and nutritional value.

A few decades ago this wasn’t the case: many people had gardens, and were well versed in many styles of food preservation and preparation.

If you’ve got a stockpile of family recipes on the brink of being lost forever, think about preserving them for posterity in a cookbook that you make yourself!

Tastebook helps anyone create their own gourmet cookbook by making it easy to organize your own recipes and photos, and then print the whole thing in a beautifully made binder with a custom cover. If you’re short on original recipes, but have favorite dishes you want to share, Tastebook also allows you to choose recipes from magazines, Web sites and professional cookbooks.

It’s the perfect holiday present for foodies and those that wish they were, as well as a great way to preserve a special part of your family heritage. (Starting at $19.95!)

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Author: Beth Buczynski

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