Growing a Garden in Oak Park Could Send You to Jail

Meet Julie. Julie put raised garden beds in her yard after it was torn up for sewer repair. For thinking outside the box, Julie might be going to jail.


Meet Julie Bass. Like many Americans, Julie has a raised vegetable garden in her yard. The only difference between Julie and everyone else seems to be that she’s chosen to add raised beds to her front yard- and it’s a difference that could send her to prison.

Bass’ attorney, Solomon Radner, does not believe that a jury will convict Ms. Bass, citing that First lady Michelle Obama recently planted vegetables on White House front lawn. β€œI don’t think the jury is going to think that it’s suitable for the White House, but it’s not suitable for Oak Park, (Michigan)” explains Radner.

Julie Bass, however, doesn’t have the world’s most powerful military on speed dial, and could face up to 93 days in prison, plus fines, if she’s convicted of the crime of “growing vegetable garden in front yard space.”


Bass decided to put a garden in her front yard when the city tore it up to perform sewer work. “There were piles of dirt outside and we knew we had to do something,” explains Bass. “We looked into putting in sod but it was shockingly expensive. So, we starting looking into other books to do something a little more cost effective.”

Oak Park’s Planning and Technology director, Kevin Rulkowski, doesn’t care about the costs Bass could have incurred putting in a “traditional” lawn, however, and told ABC News affiliate WXYZ that he told her not to do it because it is not suitable. “If you look at the dictionary, suitable means common,” Rulkowski claimed, pointing out that there is no other garden in the city like that one.

Rulkowski, it should be noted, is utterly full of s***, as neither Merriam-Webster, Google, nor have the word “common” anywhere in their definitions of “suitable”.

So, you know, f*** that guy.

You can check out some of the other seriously messed up injustices revolving around urban and suburban vegetable gardens on privately, US American property here and here, and let us know what you think of this BS in the comments, below.


Source | Images: Newswire.

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