Greenland’s Ice Sheet Decreases by Five Miles in a Decade

Greenland’s ice sheet is losing the equivalent of 80,000 Olympic size swimming pools each year.

These stark facts are brought to light by CNN’s Phil Black, who recently accompanied Greenpeace on a trip to Greenland. A bird’s eye view of Greenland’s glacial territory reveals an ice sheet but the bright blue pools of meltwater scattered throughout are sure signs of warming.

photo by Kaet 44Greenland's ice sheet melts

Greenland's Ice Sheet Melts

Apparently scientists are playing catchup. The Greenland glacial melt is happening at such a rapid speed that much of what is happening up there is not even accounted for in current climate change models.

Much like the situation with other glacial melts such as those in the Himalayas, there is uncertainty and conflict over whether the change is due to natural events or human activity. Either way, it is likely to have a significant impact upon the the entire planet.

Click here for photos of CNN’s Greenland tour. Watch this video footage by CNN for more details on the situation:

Embedded video from CNN Video

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