Got a Crazy Green Idea and a Video Camera? You Could Win $25,000.

X Prize logoWhile it’s not be the $10 million prize that that the X PRIZE Foundation awards for some of its other competitions, $25,000 is still a nice chuck of change. And it’s up for grabs in the X PRIZE “What’s Your Crazy Green Idea?” Video Contest on YouTube.

It’s no secret that you can waste many an hour on YouTube. A lot of what is posted there is pretty mindless – entertaining, but mindless. Now the X PRIZE Foundation is making good use of the online video website by asking users to figure out how to benefit humanity through their “crazy green ideas.”

Competitors can submit videos to the contest via YouTube and a $25,000 prize will be awarded for “the best video proposing a new, world-changing X PRIZE in the field of Energy and the Environment.” The submitted videos must be 2 minute long and answer these three questions:

1. What is the specific prize idea?
2. What is the Grand Challenge or world-wide problem that you are trying to solve?
3. How will this prize benefit humanity?

Once all entries are in, the X PRIZE Foundation will select 3 finalists to be voted on by users. The winner will be announced in December 2008.

So what are you waiting for? The deadline for entries is October 31, 2008. Make a list of the world-wide problems you would like to solve and then brainstorm ideas on how to solve them. Make a video. Benefit humanity. Win $25,000.

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