Gordon Ramsay Goes Shark (Fin) Hunting On Land

Gordon Ramsey tries Shark Fin's stoup for the first time and video tapes the event, and what followed afterwards.

Gordon Ramsay doesn’t tread water lightly when it comes to criticizing failing chefs on his T.V. show “Kitchen Nightmares” or on “Hell’s Kitchen”. He criticizes and is straight forward, to the point, in-your-face honest about what they are doing wrong.

So when he tried Shark’s Fin soup for the first time, he decided to video tape it and tell the world about it.

Without Ramsay’s expletives, here are some shark facts, according to SharkSavers.org,

  • Sharks have existed on this planet for 450 million years, surviving 5 major extinctions.
  • As many as 73 million are killed by the shark finning industry.
  • It is estimated that 90 percent of all large sharks have been wiped out, and 93-99 percent of all large sharks off the east coast of North America are gone (tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, etc.).
  • Shark fins, exported to Asia for shark fin soup, are now among the most expensive seafood products in the world, fetching up to 500 euros ($676) per kilogram. A single Whale Shark pectoral fin can sell for up to US$15,000.
  • Global trade in shark fins is increasing, and the market for shark fin soup is estimated to be growing by 5 percent per year.
  • No sharks are protected internationally. Only a handful of countries manage shark fisheries. Enforcement is very difficult.
  • Consumers are largely unaware of the origins of shark fin. Studies in Hong Kong and Taiwan show that consumers have little understanding of where shark fin soup comes from, of overfishing, of illegal shark fishing or of the practice of finning.
  • Shark fins are tasteless, and contain high levels of toxic methyl-mercury.
  • Shark fin soup is thought to be an aphrodisiac in some cultures. High levels of methyl-mercury are known to cause infertility.

No matter how difficult it is monitor it, we should get more countries involved in banning shark finning. If we don’t try, we are just as guilty as those who practice it. Or eat it.

Written by Karen Lee


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  1. Thank you for this video, Karen, I am surprised I have missed it, having in mind the Norwegian TV’s obsession with Gordon Ramsey lately, airing his shows daily.

    The fact that consumers are unaware of the origins of shark fin is quite understandable but alas, ignorantia non est argumentum. When you come to think of it though, a great number of young people lack the same knowledge about even more popular dishes and foods in the western world…

    • Thanks. I’ll be honest. I never had Shark Fin’s soup only because there are so many other magnificent Chinese foods that I had no desire to try something ‘weird’ as a fin (or chicken feet for that matter), no matter how exotic and even if it’s a delicacy. But to learn how fins are harvested makes me ill. And you are right. If others are like me, they might not be aware at all how it’s prepared.

      Let’s just hope that more we educate, more they’ll stay away from foods that originate from cruelty….like Foie Gras.

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