Giveaway Alert: Win a Kitchen Compost Collector!

Happy Earth Day! If you need some help kickstarting your composting habit, head over to our sister site, Green Living Ideas, and enter to win a kitchen compost collector from our partners at Full Circle!

Happy Earth Day! Here's how you can win a kitchen compost collector from our partners at Full Circle! #giveaway

We have two pieces of exciting news! First of all, we are so excited to be partnering with Full Circle, a great company with an extensive line of incredible products for the clean, green home. The other piece of news is that we’re giving away a countertop compost bin to help turn your veggie and fruit scraps into sustainable garden materials and reduce your trash output.

Becky has posted a review of the bin over on Green Living Ideas, and if you want to enter to contest, head over there now.

This bin made Becky super happy–it’s easy to use, removes the ick-factor from saving kitchen scraps, and looks dang cute on the countertop.

The compost collector is made from a mix of new and recycled plastic, and I really like the lime green color of mine. If you prefer a more subtle, sleek look, they have one that comes in basic black. The bags are made from compostable, plant-based plastic and are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). BPI is a third-party servicethat tests and certifies compostable products, to make sure they truly are compostable.

You can check out Full Circle’s complete line of composting products on their website.

Our awesome partners at Full Circle are offering up a BREEZE Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector to one lucky Green Living Ideas reader!

A version of this article originally ran at Vibrant Wellness Journal.

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