Georgia Man Fined for Growing Vegetables


An Atlanta-area man is facing fines of up to $5000 for growing too many vegetables on his land.

Steve Miller (not Steve Miller of classic rock fame), has had an organic vegetable garden on his property for years. He grows food for himself and has even sold some of his bounty at local farmers markets.

He received his first citation from code enforcement back in January and has since incurred $5000 in fines. The tricky thing here is that after citations in January and February, Miller got his property rezoned to allow his garden. The county is still suing him for the fines related to the earlier charges.

Here is an interview with Miller and his attorney from WSBTV:

The question I have is how did code enforcement find out about Miller’s garden in the first place? Code enforcement isn’t in the habit of randomly dropping in on properties – did someone complain?

Have you guys run across zoning laws that prevent large-scale gardens? I know many areas have laws restricting things like backyard chickens, but this is the first case I’ve heard involving edible plants.

Source: WSBTV;Β Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by wheatfields

Written by Becky Striepe


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  1. They should Shut down ALL private vegetable gardens. Citizens can not be trusted to grow their own food. This is dangerous. Jut Go to Wall-Mart for cryin’ out loud. Stop endangering everyone with your gardens.

  2. Yeah ! Crack down on those pesky backyard farmers ! Who is he to de value someones poorly constructed McMansion with his silly food !

  3. What about Michelles garden that was made such a woop-t-doo over? It’s not like she’s the first person in the WH to have a garden out back. It’s been there since the WH was built. Does that mean she will be fined for growing her own veggies? What’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander. I feel I have every right to grow a garden in my backyard if I so choose (and I do) and not have to buy seeds from some chemical company to do so. People on fixed incomes aren’t abel to afford that stuff ( EVEN AT WALMART) it has gotten so high priced I don’t know how they sell any of it in the stores.

  4. People are accustomed for govts taking away their freedoms “for a better good”. better good of who? If you think that this is bs you should watch freedomainradio for more issues.

  5. We are being warned that there are food shortages worldwide and now our government is not allowing us to grow our own and as much as we want or might need in order to help others when the final crunch comes? This shows what “progressives” stand for…total control of everyone’s lives, food source, and income…

  6. I remember reading something about this when I was looking to buy a home in the Atlanta area. From what I understand, it had something to do with the smell from the massive amounts of compost that he was using.

  7. may as well grow pot if your going to get busted at least get rich doing it LOL. What next. are we going to have to hide our roses too.

  8. This sounds alot like that H.R. 875 food safety modernization act of 2009 where the government is going ahead with preventing the general public from growing your own food. Of course, the government is just the front man. The big food companies are pushing for this.

  9. Part of the Globalists depopulation plan for the US. They figure they can’t disarm us into submission like those of the middle east and Europe, so they will starve us into submission. Why do you think they are flooding millions of acres of farm land in the south with the Mississippi flood? If people grow their own food they won’t depend on the globalists and so the globalists won’t be in complete and total control, that’s why people are getting arrested for growing their gardens and enough to feed other people. If the dumb ass police and military would look into the real threats to America instead of the imaginary ones mainstream media and the CIA like to display on a nightly basis, America might be saved, but since the cops and military are subject and ruled by these evil entities they won’t budge or do their duty to save this country.

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