Genius: A First Aid Kit You Can Use With Only One Hand

survival first aid

Living, surviving, and thriving off the grid presupposes that you are, indeed, living, surviving, and thriving. It’s tough to do those things when you’re dying from an infection you got from a simple cut. It’s easy to understand, then, that the people who will do the most surviving will be the ones with the best access to first aid. When you’re on your own, however, or you’re the only adult in the room, applying first aid to your own injuries might be more easily said than done. That’s where designer Gabriele Meldaikyte comes in.

Gabriele’s first aid kit is unique in that it was designed to be used with only one hand, making treatment of your own injuries infinitely easier than traditional first aid kits.

This “design concept” first aid kit can be opened easily with one hand …

opening the first aid kit

… once the first aid kit is open, it unwraps like a tool roll to give you easy access to antibacterial wipes, bandages, gauze, and more …

unrolling the kit

… which may not seem as awesome a survival tool as a camouflaged hunting bike or a head-splitting zombie axe, but it’s tough to enjoy the awesome parts of living off the grid when you’re not living. You know?

You can check out a few more photos of Ms. Meldaikyte’s innovative one-handed medical kit, below. If you think this as brilliant an idea as I do, leave some comments, below, and we’ll try to get a petition going to have the Red Cross make a few thousand or get it up on Kickstarter or something. Who knows? We might save a few lives.


Source | Photos: Gabriele Meldaikyte, via Core 77.

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Author: Jo Borrás

  1. I really could have used this on the day that I sliced my finger open with a box cutter while working on an art project. Instead, I bled all over myself and then held a bandage on until my friend Liz could get to my house and help me wrap it up.

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