A Future Business Created by Sea Level Rise

Here’s a business concept poised for takeoff in centuries to come, with our rising sea levels. The floating island business. The Dutch (wouldn’t you know it!) company Dutch Docklands has come up with the concept of The Floating Beach®.

Now 22nd century tourists needn’t ever worry about their favorite island getaway being underwater. Floating beaches will always stay above sea level. Island nations, already too close to sea levels, that depend on tourism for income, are likely to be the first customers.

Indeed; the Maldives have just signed an agreement with the innovative company to develop several floating islands to replace the islands that are soon to be underwater.

Image: Dutch Docklands Floating_Island
Dutch Docklands floating island design

Island nations like The Maldives and Tuvalu till now have had only a terrible Hobson’s choice – with the failure of the rest of us to believe that their plight is real, and that it requires action on our part to reduce our fossil fuel use that causes global warming and sea level rise.

Their choice? Emigrate or die. But the floating land option opens up new possible solutions: using Lateral Thinking. Much easier than tipping the gigantic scale of political action needed.

Once the Maldives recoups its investment in the tourist facilities, its next project will be the floating housing it needs for its people. Congratulations to its leaders for a very out-of-the-box solution to a very tragic situation.

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Written by Susan Kraemer

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