Fourth of July Challenge: DIY Altoids Mini-BBQ

Happy Independence Day!

Today Americans focus on two things that they love more than anything else: eating food and blowing stuff up.

We know you’re probably spending the last day of your long weekend playing outside or hanging out with friends and family, but just in case you’re looking for something to do, we’ve got a fun and easy Fourth of July challenge for you.

Wired’s Gadget Lab recently posted a great article on how to make a mini-BBQ from a round Altoids tin and a few other odds and ends.

Not only is the end result adorable and perfect for roasting mini-marshmallows, it’s a great way to create and upcycled item from something you might have otherwise thrown away!


Altoids sours tin

4x 1.5″ sheet metal screws with wide heads (or 4x washers to match)

8x nuts to thread on screws

70mm metal computer fan guard (similar style to the one shown)

92mm metal computer fan guard (similar style to the one shown)


Dremel tool with cutting wheel

Drill with bit slightly bigger than screws

Tin snips

Pliers/Needle nose pliers


Safety goggles and gloves

If any Insteaders attempt to make this little BBQ this summer, we’d love to see the end result! Please post pictures on our Facebook page!

h/t to WV Outpost for sharing this first!

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Author: Beth Buczynski

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