Folding Bow Makes Survival Less Cumbersome

Go Primal's aluminum folding bow is lightweight, capable of firing arrows at nearly 200 feet per second, and is small enough to fit almost any Bug Out Bag!

Crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and high-strength composites, Go Primal’s compact folding survival bow can fit in almost any bug-out bag. Weighing just 2.25 lbs. and measuring less than 2′ in length when folded, the patent pending CFSB-1 folding bow can be ordered with draw weights between 47 and 55 lbs. Good enough, in other words, to launch arrows (not included) at well over 180 ft/sec.

It’s a slick product, for sure. Granted, it doesn’t “click” into place like Hawkeye’s folding bow in the Avengers movie, the Go Primal folding bow is probably a fair bit more capable in the real world than 99% of the trick stuff you see in movies – especially if you’re depending on it as a tool during a survival situation.

You can check out the Go Primal compact folding survival bow in action, above, and read more about it in Go Primal’s official sales copy, below. Enjoy!

“The patent pending CFSB-1 folding bow, also known as the go primal bow, can be converted from Right hand to left hand, arrow speeds averaging 181 feet per second. This traditional bow is a long bow, but it is anything but traditional.

The riser for the Compact takedown Folding Survival Bow is milled from T-6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum with a built in arrow shelf, and the limbs are made from fiberglass developed specifically for bow limbs. The limbs can be removed to convert bow from right to left hand, replace limbs, or interchange with different draw weight limbs. Fold the limbs into the side of the handle for transport and it forms its own compact and durable carrying case.

47 lbs draw at 26 inches, 52 lbs at 27 and 55 lbs at 28 inches.

It is 23 inches long x 1.5 x 1.5 inches when closed and opened is a total 59″ in length. The folding bow design, with its aluminum riser and fiberglass bow limbs is built to survive the apocalypse, put food on the table, and defend you when you need a silent and powerful self defense weapon, and it is a must have for a prepper who wants to maximize their space.

Weighing in at 2.25 lbs., it is lightweight and can be carried in or strapped to just about any pack or bug out bag.

This collapsible bow is convenient for hunters who want to carry a compact back up weapon to the field. If you are looking for a hunting bow, a take-down bow, or a survival bow – this may be the collapsible bow for you.”

Go Primal Folding Bow

Sources | More Photos: Go Primal, via Cool Material.

Written by Jo BorrΓ‘s

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