Five Weird Ways to Go Green

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You care about the environment, you shop at farmers markets regularly, and you’ve even invested in low-flow toilets for every bathroom in your home. There’s more you can do, though… if you’re willing to get a little weird.

Natural Lawn Care

If you have a lot of land, forget the lawnmower and wild animal traps. Save yourself time by buying a few goats to maintain your property! That’s what Google did to take care of the overgrown lawn near their Mountain View, California location and it worked like a charm. Goats have an amazing appetite for just about any plant material, and it’s a truly natural way for landowners to take care of their curb appeal.

What You Eat and Where You Go

Some of the most sustainable food isn’t found at Whole Foods. Snails are delicious, local and there are plenty of them to be found. Foragers love them and they’re pretty easy to prepare. They’re also high in protein, low in fat and can be added to everything from salads to pizza.

What goes in must come out, but you can join the Pee Outside Movement to save money on flushing the toilet. When it comes to number one, more people are heading outside to avoid those costly flushes. It’s a return to the basics, especially for men, who find it a particularly easy switch to make.

Clothes Aren’t Just for Looks

There are numerous brands and lines touting green clothes, but why not take it a step further? A solar-powered USB bikini soaks up the sun’s rays and lets you power everything from your iPad to your smartphone. It’s made with organic cotton and is the perfect accoutrement to your beach trip.

Getting Frisky

For those who want to spice up their sex life but stay green while doing it, there’s an abundance of new green toys on the market. Earth Erotics is one such company that offers items with no PVC or any other materials that might harm the environment. Created by a woman who received her degree in Environmental Law, she wanted to bring attention to the fact that millions of people use toys each year and manufacturers were missing out on an opportunity to be eco-friendly.

Beyond the Grave

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the average funeral is another event that is less than environmentally friendly. Enter the Green Burial Council, where dry ice or refrigeration is used to preserve the body, which is placed in a wooden casket. The body is buried with the purpose of feeding aboveground plants and animals and you can even choose a green cemetery burial. Even better, a green funeral costs about 33 percent of a traditional one.

These are just a few of the quirky ways you can go green. Try one or try them all. From an all-natural air filter to a toilet-free home, everyone’s jumping on the green bandwagon.

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