Five Charities for Clean Water

Water on Rocks

Whether you’re looking for a last minute gift or simply want to help others in this holiday season, here are five charities that are involved in making sure the waters of the earth stay clean. All of these charities accept online donations, so you can complete your shopping quickly.

charity: water – Started in 2006, this charity has already funded nearly 7000 water projects in twenty different countries. This holiday season, charity: water is raising funds for drinking water wells in Ethiopia. Donate here.

LifeStrawLifeStraw is a simple personal filtration device. Basically, people put one end of the LifeStraw in dirty water and drink through it like a straw. It filters some of the scariest water around and makes it clean in no time at all. $6.50 will give a LifeStraw to someone without access to clean water. Donate here.

Nature Conservancy – The Nature Conservancy funds a variety of conservation projects, including water conservation through agricultural practices, preservation of wetlands, benefits of dam removal, and more. Donate here.

Oceana – Founded in 2001, this charity focuses on ocean conservation and returning the seas to their former abundance. From stopping seafood fraud to promoting sustainable fishing, Oceana works on a wide range of projects. Donate here.

Save the Frogs – Amphibians are often the first animals to show the effects of water pollution. Save the Frogs works at keeping pesticides out of the water supply, protecting amphibians around the world, and training the next generation of amphibian biologists. Donate here.

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Author: Heather Carr

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