Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Eat Them for Free (w/ video)

Fish Heads

Free fish heads. There is something exquisite about sucking on an eyeball- the fragrant jelly bursts into your mouth, lighting up your taste buds with an explosion of pleasure. Or so I’m told by keen New Zealand fishermen and their families. Now, those who love biting down on fish heads can get connected with fishermen and food processors who would, otherwise, just throw the things out by using the website at

The basic idea behind the free fish heads site is that there is a significant portion of New Zealand society that enjoys dining on fish heads, eating the eyes and cheeks and picking through the flesh of discarded fish frames. I can vouch for this because last weekend I watched a friend of mine suck the eye of a red snapper and roll it around in his mouth. He spit out a small white ball (the eye’s lens) that was, apparently, too hard to chew. In a satisfied tone, he said “tastes just like a fine seafood chowder, mate.”


The goal of the website is to reduce waste and conserve New Zealand’s precious marine resources. According to the managers of the site, every meal that is eaten free using this site is one less meal that is bought from the store, and less fish that is potentially caught using environmentally damaging trawl nets. Fish heads are also powerful fertilizers, making them useful in off-grid farming or at-home composting.

From the large uptake numbers on the Free Fish Heads website, many people across the country seem to have found a use for these fish heads! In practice, the site works in a similar way to social sharing sites like freecyle, so if you have fish heads and frames that you want to donate, you click on the “I have” part of the website to let others know that you have a big pot of fish heads, presumably fresh and not stinking to high heaven, ready for pick up. On the other hand, if you happen to be in the market for free fish heads, you click “I want”. The website matches the haves with the wants so that the delivery can be set up, and everybody can end up happy.

You can learn more about Free Fish Heads in this video …

… and take a trip down memory lane with me by watching this video, below, which will seem immediately familiar to just about anyone born in the late 70s. Enjoy!


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Written by Walt Nekrosius

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