Feeling Sick? Herbal Tea Can Help! (Review and Giveaway)

Enter for your chance to win a selection of organic herbal teas from the HELPS adult or children's line!

With busy lives and demanding schedules, it’s easy to become tired, run down, and just plain sick. Rather than pump yourself full of over-the-counter chemicals or antibiotics, try a nice warm cup of HELPS teas instead.

I’m a tea-lover. I’ve often said that no matter what, there’s a tea for what ails you. Cramps, constipation, insomnia, lethargy, or indigestion, chances are there’s a plant that, when dried and steeped in some hot water, will soothe away your symptoms.

That’s why I was excited when HELPS Teas approached me about sampling some of their wears and telling Insteaders about what I thought. While just about any organic, herbal tea will have a soothing effect when you’re feeling under the weather, it’s true that certain blends of herbs can actually have a therapeutic effect when consumed on a regular basis.

The HELPS Teas’ parent company, Pharmadus, was founded in Spain in 1959, and has captured the hearts of high-end health conscious consumers all across Europe. For many of these consumers, these teas have become an essential household item on their shelves. This success has led to the creation of the more affordable, yet equally as effective teas, including product lines for both adults and children, catering to everyone from women with menopause to children with upset stomachs.

The adult product line includes:
JUST FOR HER, a menopause supplement;
ORGANIC R&R, to help you relax after a long day;
ORGANIC EASY DIGESTION, a digestion supplement;
MAKE IT EASY, for constipation woes;
BREATHE, to help you do just that;
ORGANIC GREEN TEA LEAVES, for an overall improved well being;
and FOR LOW SUGAR DIETS, that may help stabilize blood sugar!

The HELPS Teas children’s product line, with flavors that are catered to their picky taste buds, includes:
BREATHE, to alleviate your child’s cold and flu symptoms;
DREAMS, to calm and relax them before bed time;
FOR LITTLE TUMMIES, to promote relief from a variety of stomach problems;
and FOR REHYDRATION DIETS, to help replenish your sick child’s fluid levels.

HELPS generously sent me a sampling of their teas so that I could give you guys a sneak peak into their taste and effectiveness, and I have to say, I enjoyed them immensely!

My favorite so far is the Organic R&R: we recently returned from a vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota, which meant about 5 hours in the car each way. After a long day of staring at an empty two-lane highway, I had one of those annoying behind the eye headaches, so I washed my face and brewed up a cup of HELPS R&R. It’s made with soothing lemon balm and passion flower, which give it a great taste and make it the perfect before-bed beverage.

For additional information on HELPS Teas, visit www.helpsteas.com or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


The folks at HELPS want to give one lucky Insteading reader a selection of teas from the adult or children’s line.

How To Enter:
1. Like Insteading on Facebook or follow @Insteading on Twitter.

2. Leave a comment on this post or our Facebook page telling us about a time when you used tea (or another natural remedy) instead of traditional medicine.

Note: Both of the above steps must be completed in order for your entry to count.
A winner will be chosen at random on July 28th at 11 pm MST.

Written by Beth Buczynski


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