Extracting Pure Water from Thin Air with Wayne Ferreira of EcoloBlue


GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with Wayne Ferreira of EcoloBlue about water extracting from air. Wayne started his career as a professional tennis player at the young age of 18. While on the pro tennis circuit, the he had more on his mind than tennis which serendipitously lead to his next career. He became acutely aware of serious water issues regardless of the country in which he was playing. Water supplies were threatened and pollution was posing a serious health threat for millions upon millions.

Ferreira was especially concerned about the discarding of plastic water bottles by tennis players and fans. He knew that the massive plastic bottle disposal he witnessed in the world of pro tennis was a mere drop in the so-called bucket compared to bottle usage at other sporting events and bottled water consumption by the public at large. This spawned a new mission for him: find a way to generate pollutant/chemical free water as well as a delivery form that would eliminate plastic water bottle usage.

In 2004, Ferreira was first introduced to the concept of an atmospheric water generator (AWG) where humidity could be pulled out of the air itself, then filtered to create drinking water. His new mission became bringing this concept to the marketplace in an improved design so the water extracted from air would be pure and taste like water from the highest mountain stream.

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Author: Sean Daily

  1. sounds like great ideas – water from the atmosphere, and also finding a way to control/ avoid plastic bottles

    pls send a transcript (text version) of the talk if possible and any more leads/ info

    sanjay/ new delhi

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