Every Drop Counts Slashes Your Water Use

Some of us (ahem) have a serious addiction to long, hot showers. It’s hard to gauge the impact of a shower while you’re taking it—the water just seems to flow from some neverending source. But drought is a problem in many areas, which is why the Every Drop Counts Water Meter is such a handy device.

The meter works by clamping onto your water pipe and relaying relevant information (how much water you use, where you use it, tap water temperature) to a detachable device.

According to Every Drop Counts designer Ulrik Svenningson, “Based on cost allocation technology that has proven to save between 20 and 30 percent of heating consumption where applied combined with a known method for detecting water leakages, this new concept for water metering has a host of advantages over traditional water meters.” In other words, being forced to pay attention to your water consumption will probably make you use less water.


Every Drop Counts Cuts Water Use

Every Drop Counts isn’t on the market just yet, but there are plenty of water-saving options available now. Low-flow showerheads can slow down water flow to just one gallon per minute, and devices like the Aqualim automatically cut showers short after a certain amount of time. If you want to go more low-tech, you could always use an egg timer.


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Author: Ariel Schwartz

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