Employee Dehydration: Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Have you given any thought to how employee dehydration might be affecting your workplace? If not, you definitely wouldn’t be alone.

Office Worker with Water and Fruit

Have you given any thought to how employee dehydration might be affecting your workplace? If not, you definitely wouldn’t be alone. It’s not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you think of how to improve your business. However by ensuring your employees don’t get dehydrated, you could actually be seriously improving your business. It’s a problem that many employers aren’t aware of.

How Employee Dehydration Affects your Business

There are so many reasons why dehydrated employees could be causing your business to lose money. One of the main effects of dehydration on a person is fatigue. If you’re employees are constantly tired it might not just be down to a few late nights. They simply may not be drinking enough fluids to keep their mind functioning properly. If they are tired they are unlikely to be productive.

Employees who are dehydrated are more likely to:

  • Call in sick more frequently
  • Come to work in a bad mood
  • Eat unhealthy foods
  • Process information at a slower rate

As you can see, if this problem isn’t addressed it can have a really negative impact on your business. The question is how can you tackle dehydration in the office?

Improving Employee Hydration

There are a number of ways to ensure your employees are increasing their hydration levels. One clever way to do it is to provide office fruit. Making use of a company like Fruitful Office will help your staff to eat healthy and naturally increase the amount of water they are consuming. Apples are a particularly great source of water.

Providing a water cooler is an obvious way to keep your employees hydrated. You can even provide lemons and limes next to the cooler to add a little flavor to the water. Investing in a water cooler will pay off in the long term.

Giving your employees a water bottle is a great idea. You could even have the bottle branded so that when they take it away with them, other people will see your brand.

Keeping water at their desk will encourage them to drink more regularly. If they have to keep getting up every time they want a drink, they will be less likely to drink enough.

One thing your employees might really appreciate is water breaks. Not only will this help them to stay hydrated, but regular breaks can also help to boost productivity. Just 5 minute breaks will be enough and can really help.

Of course you can’t force your employees to drink more, but you can make it easier for them. Dehydration is something that most of us suffer from without even realizing it.

Eliminating the problem will boost efficiency and productivity in the workplace, as well as make your employees feel better within themselves. It’s a win-win situation.

The above are just some ideas to provide your workforce with plenty of water. Providing office fruit is a particularly good idea and it can be really affordable. Creating a pleasant workplace and providing food and drink will help to keep your staff motivated and happy.

This post has been sponsored by Fruitful Office.

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Written by Heather Carr

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