Eat Drink Better is Going Vegan!

Yesterday was World Vegan Day, and this morning I'm thrilled to make the exciting announcement that Eat Drink Better is now a vegan website.

Yesterday was World Vegan Day, and this morning I’m thrilled to make the exciting announcement that Eat Drink Better is now a vegan website.

Eat Drink Better has been sharing sustainable food news and seasonal recipes since 2008. Our mission has always been to take a hard look at what’s on our plates, and it’s a mission that’s close to my own heart.

I took over as site director here in 2010 and working with the writing staff at Eat Drink Better has been a joy from the first day. I feel so lucky to work alongside other passionate writers who care about what’s on our plates and keep up with the latest in the world of food.

Right now, Eat Drink Better’s team is 100 percent vegan. Our editor, Jill Ettinger, and our core writer, Andrea Bertoli, are both long-time vegans like I am. We strongly believe that eating vegan is the future of food. We believe that a vegan diet is kinder and healthier and that it’s the key to feeding a growing world population.

Starting today, new articles and recipes at Eat Drink Better will be 100 percent vegan.

You’ll notice some small changes to the menus at the top of the site. We’ve done a bit of reconfiguring to highlight the vegan content in our archives. We do have non-vegan posts – articles about local meat, for example – in our archives as well. Those will remain intact, but in the future all of our content will be vegan.

Meet Our Team!

Jill Ettinger, editor – Jill is the senior editor at EcoSalon and Organic Authority. A focus on food, herbs, wellness and world cultural expressions, Jill explores what our shifting food, healing systems and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future.

Andrea Bertoli, core writer – Andrea is the force behind our sister site, Vibrant Wellness Journal, and the newest addition to the Eat Drink Better team. She is committed to healthy eating, holistic healing, and a lifestyle of wellness.

Becky Striepe, site director – I am the site director here and at our sister site, Crafting a Green World. I also run my own website, Glue and Glitter, that’s focused on simple, delicious vegan recipes. My mission is to make vegan food and crafts accessible to everyone.

We are so grateful to the readers who have supported Eat Drink Better over the years and excited to explore veganism with you through a health and sustainability lens.

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Written by Becky Striepe


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  1. Great news 🙂
    I’m vegan and have been following the site for over a year now, nice to see this announcement. Please don’t cut any coverage of meat and dairy though… Sustainable and right meat and dair production should be highlighted, and the bad in the industry still looked at. Not everyone is vegan as that’s totally fine.

    Vegan sites are great, but I hope this site won’t be exclusively vegan reporting, (veg recipes ok!) I want all the coverage of non vegan things that you guys have been doing a great job with so far, I like staying informed, and I want to see things with eyes unclouded and uncensored. I don’t want to ignore what most of the population does.

    I’m vegan because I’ve been informed. Please continue informing 🙂

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