4 Easy Ways To Eliminate Unwanted Paper Mail

Everyday, mailboxes around the country are filled up with brochures, fliers, and notices that are never opened. Here are four online services that can help.

Do you empty most of your mailbox directly into the recycling bin? Here are some easy ways to stop the waste and save some trees while you’re at it.

Email, text messaging, and all the myriad methods of communication that they spawned, make it possible to deliver messages and announcements in seconds, rather than days.

Yet, no one seems to have told the advertising industry.

Everyday, mailboxes around the country are filled up with brochures, fliers, and notices that are never opened. Sometimes they end up in the recycling bin, but more often they end up in the landfill.

End the vicious cycle by giving one of these handy-dandy online services a try:

Updater: If you’re tired of receiving hundreds of unsolicited paper advertisements each year, Updater can help you keep your address private by submitting opt-out requests to all the major data-brokers that compile and sell marketing lists. If you’re getting ready to move, Updater can also simplify the change of address process and give you control over who can access and use your postal address in the future.

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Manilla: Opting to receive your bills, statements and balances electronically instead of via snailmail is a great way to reduce the amount of information that lands in your mailbox. But multiple online accounts mean you have to remember user names, passwords, and can be cumbersome when you want to check all of your balances. Manilla is an online service that automatically retrieves, organizes and stores your bills and statements. No more filing or shredding. With Manilla, it’s easy to pay bills, track travel miles or file statements, in a convenient and eco-friendly manner. And, it’s FREE!

Catalog Choice: Have you ever ordered a magazine about a very specific interest, like camping, and suddenly started receiving catalogs from REI, Patagonia, and every other outdoor equipment retailer in the universe? That’s because magazines and catalogs sell their mailing lists for a handsome profit. Catalog Choice is a one-click way to stop the catalogs, coupons, credit offers, phone books, fliers, circulars, newsletters, and other unsolicited mail you receive. For a donation of $20, they’ll also remove you from all the direct mail lists that are bought and sold by marketers.

Zumbox: Ready to give up paper mail altogether? Zumbox is the world’s first and only paperless postal system. The company has created a web-based platform for the delivery of paperless mail. For every U.S. street address, there is a corresponding digital mailbox – a Zumbox – enabling mail and other content to be sent as digital files and received online with no paper, printing or postage, and no scanning.

Written by Beth Buczynski


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