Drilling Begins on Louisiana Sinkhole

Texas Brine Company began drilling near the Louisiana sinkhole on Saturday to determine the cause of the sinkhole. Crosstex Energy, a nearby operator of another storage cavern, submitted a “worst case scenario” report.

Louisiana Sinkhole Drilling Rig

Update 15 Nov 2012 link here.

Texas Brine Company began drilling in Assumption Parish near the sinkhole on Saturday to determine the cause. They estimate it will take about forty days to drill down to their cavern and find out what’s happening. The sinkhole remains unchanged since Friday morning.

Bubbles in nearby bayous are natural gas. Texas Brine Company was not storing natural gas in the cavern that is suspected to have collapsed. Pipelines in the area have been drained and shut down as a precaution.

Texas Brine Company is giving out evacuee assistance checks. They started this week and will compensate those who moved out as early as August 3.

Louisiana Sinkhole 18 Aug 2012

Worst Case Scenario

Crosstex Energy owns two caverns near the Texas Brine Company’s cavern. One is filled with brine and poses no risk to public health. The other cavern contains butane. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) asked Crosstex to complete a worst case scenario analysis of the cavern containing butane.

A worst case scenario analysis is performed as part of the EPA’s requirements, but the Louisiana DEQ requested another with the consideration of a collapse of the cavern. Crosstex replied that the depth and pressures of the cavern keeps the butane from returning to the surface without pumping.

The storage cavern owned by Crosstex is further into the center of the salt dome, and therefore more stable. Texas Brine Company cavern is near the edge of the salt dome. It’s possible the edge of the dome was unsound. We won’t know for sure for forty days.

Written by Heather Carr


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    • Hi,
      The Assumption Parish Police Jury has this posted:
      “Texas Brine has advised us that Worley Catastrophe Response will be at the St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church Hall on Thursday, August 23, 2012 issuing weekly assistance checks from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.”

  1. The updates for today and yesterday pretty much say that the sinkhole hasn’t changed. 🙂

    Air and water quality tests indicate no new releases from the sinkhole. Cleanup has resumed, but it sounds like they’re staying on the perimeter of the sinkhole.

  2. The hydraulic fracking and the drilling for natural gas in this very unstable area has so obviously created havoc for residents and the natural surroundings. Methane gas does not bubble out of salt mines; methane gas bubbles up as a result of hydraulic fracturing of the shalebed below. People are suffering, but the drilling companies are not admitting any fault and are simply deceiving the residents. The gas companies KNOW they are at fault but dont want to take responsibility for this. There is NO SAFE WAY TO DO HYDRAULIC FRACTURING…we tried to warn people, now this is the result. The people of Louisiana need to stand up to Big Oil and Gas and demand they stop destroying their land with this dangerous hydraulic fracking gas exploration. If we don’t, there will be more sinkholes,
    more destruction, and nobody will pay us for our losses. The big oil and gas guys will just laugh all the way to the bank, with their millions, and we will all be homeless. Please, friends and neighbors, do your research! This sinkhole is not an accident–it was caused by gas drilling, or the forcing of hydraulic brine down into the earth, a byproduct of fracking.
    Learn more at FOODANDWATERWATCH. COM. See what real earth scientists say about this. See what Dr. Ingraffia has to say about this. We have to stop the destruction of our homeland.

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