Documentary Proves It’s Possible To Live Well Without Money

Is it possible to feel rich without possessions? Can you live happily without money? A new film discovers the unexpectedly positive answer.

Last year, my partner Eric and I reduced our possessions to only what we could fit inside a 26′ motorhome, and set out to explore the challenges of a location-independent lifestyle. It only took us 4 months to run out of money, panic, and head back to our normal life in Colorado.

At the time, I resented our dependence on money as it got in the way of our adventure and forced us to calculate each move carefully based on how much it would cost. Imagine how much fun we could have had if money were no object!

Many people think the only way to achieve true freedom and happiness is to make so much money that wasting it has no consequences. But what if the truth was exactly the opposite?

In the documentary Living Without Money we meet 68 year-old Heidemarie Schwermer, a former teacher and psychoterapist from Germany, who one day made a deliberate choice to stop using money. She cancelled the lease on her apartment, gave away all of her belongings and kept nothing but a suitcase full of clothes. This decision that changed the entire outlook on her life dramatically.

Today, 14 years later, she is still living almost without money and claims she is feeling more free and independent than ever. The film follows Heidemarie in her day to day life and shows the challenges she meets by living an alternative lifestyle.

Watch the trailer below, and learn how to host a free screening of the film in your town.


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Author: Beth Buczynski

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