New Documentary Provides an Inconvenient Truth for Fish

A new documentary film, End of the Line, released at cinemas nationwide on World Ocean Day (8th June), warns that overfishing the bluefin tuna could result in the end of seafood by 2048 because all fishing stocks will collapse as a result of overfishing.

photo by Ian RankinCelebrities pose naked to raise awareness about overfishing
Greta Scacchi, Emilia Fox and Terry Gilliam help bring awareness to overefishing

The documentary has been compared to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Just as Al Gore explained a problem that is well known to scientists but has yet to hit the mainstream, Charles Clover, a former Daily Telegraph journalist, outlines the threat to the oceans. He claims that if the fishing industry is not regulated, the world will be out of seafood around 2048.

A new independent study of this fish by fisherman-turned whistle blower Robert Mielgo, found the majority of this fish from the 2007 fishing season, sold on the Japanese market between July 1 last year and May 1 this year, were immature. If this trend continues, then the current bluefin tuna population has little chance of gaining ground for a recovery in their population.

photo credit Mr+GBluefin tuna sold on the Japanese market is from immature fish
Bluefin tuna sold on the Japanese market is from immature fish

Mr Clover told the Telegraph that fish is no longer a guilt-free meal. “Trawling (using drag nets along the bottom of the ocean) is like ploughing a field seven times a year,” he said.

Celebrities are getting in on the act to raise consumer awareness. Elle Macpherson, Stephen Fry and a host of others have condemned the famous Nobu restaurant for serving bluefin tuna. After watching the film, they say that they can no longer “dine with a clear conscience” as long as the restaurant continues to serve bluefin tuna.

After viewing the film some celebrities were so moved they decided to get more intimately involved in the cause by posing naked. Acclaimed photographer, Ian Rankin, created a campaign to bring attention to the issue, he has photographed nude celebrities holding dead fish to raise awareness.

Watch the trailer for End of the Line.

Written by Reenita Malhotra

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