DIY Hydroponics, Straight from Your Recycling Bin

One of the fun aspects of container gardening involves finding unique, even weird, containers that work well for the vegetables you want to grow. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s at least part of the appeal of products like the Topsy-Turvy. So, if you’re into gardening that also starts conversations, you may want to check out the Petomato, a kit of materials that allows you turn a plastic bottle from your recycling bin into a small diy hydroponics experiment. Check out the video below for more details…

OK, you probably didn’t learn much from that… but it was fun, wasn’t it? Petomato kits give you seeds, sand (the growth medium), and a Β cap to put on top of your reclaimed bottle. Follow the directions, put it in a sunny window, and soon you’ll have fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, or strawberries sprouting from the the bottle.

Yep, this is definitely another one of those products that you’d expect to find in a “Seen on TV” ad, but bringing together fresh herbs or vegetables with material reuse is pretty cool in our book…

Tried the Petomato? Know of a DIY version? Share your experience with us…

via Inhabitat and Gizmodo

Image credit: Petomato Galley of Plants

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