$4.4 Million for Diver Who Invented WaveRoller Inspired by Underwater Door Encounter

It was a Eureka moment for Rauno Koivusaari, and he started to work on harnessing the powerful motion for generating underwater wave power. Now, fifteen years later, the EU is funding the WaveRoller invented by that former diver, with $4.4 million. His company AW-Energy will do a demo of his device in “the wave capital” Peniche area off the Portugese coast.

the wave roller
Image Courtesy Of AW Energy

The Finnish diver Rauno Koivusaari had been exploring a shipwreck in the Baltic in 1993 when he nearly got hit by a shipwrecked door on the seabed that was slowly flapping back and forth in the roiling currents deep under the sea.

waves crashing
Tony Hisgett / Flickr (Creative Commons)

The invention that was inspired by the near hit under the sea was the WaveRoller. The company that the diver founded to create it is now leading a consortium of organizations working on aspects of the first test of wave energy funded by the EU; Bosch-Rexroth, ABB, Eneolica, and Wave Energy Centre.

For the yearlong test a 300 KW WaveRoller unit will be bolted to the seafloor and the energy data recorded. Funding comes from the European Union as part of its program to assist the R&D for developing new renewable energy sources. This is their first wave energy research funding.

The WaveRoller captures the powerful undulating motion at the sea floor where back and forth surge movement has been recorded by AW-Energy. The device would be positioned 7-15 meters under the surface, so it’s well beneath the bottom of passing ships. It is also well out of sight of NIMBY opposition.

It has had increasingly elaborate tests to tweak the engineering since 1999, and it is now ready for its first year-long test at full scale (3.5 by 4.5 by 6 meters) for one unit. This is a modular energy system; more units can be connected together in groups of three to scale it up to make more power.

Just one 300 KW WaveRoller unit weighs 20 tons. Divers take care.

Source: RenewableEnergyWorld

Written by David Anderson


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  1. That is a great example of a Eureka Moment! Also, love the green energy concept presented. Hope it works! I have a lot of Eureka Moments in water as well. Mine almost always occur in the shower, in bed, in a meeting, or in my car. I keep a pad of paper wherever I am to write them down. I even found a waterproof notepad for the shower at http://www.myaquanotes.com (ha!).

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  3. J’ai déposé chez mon notaire un projet différent du waveroller mais qui utilise lui aussi des panneaux pour récupérer la force DU FLUX et du REFLUX,
    MAIS, en CANALISANT LE fLUX ET LE rEFLUX, en laissant 20 à 30 centimètres sous les rangées de plaques reliées entre elles, pour laisser passer le sable et petits graviers entrainés par les eaux du flux et du reflux.
    C’est l’AVENIR, en choisisant des bords de mer comme à Biaritz où LA FORCE DU FLUX EST ENORME CAR LES FONDS REMONTENT EN PENTE RAPIDE VERS LA COTE….
    Faibles investissements et facilité d’exécution des travaux, pas à deux cents mètres sous la mer…

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