Ditch the Bottle, Keep the Pure Water

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We’ve talked here on Blue Living Ideas about alternatives to bottled water. The reasons, of course, are obvious to anyone who reads Blue Living Ideas regularly.

  • Plastic is made from petrochemicals. If it’s not BPA, it’s other chemicals that can leach into your food and drink, so why not just avoid it altogether?
  • About 40% of all bottled water starts as tap water, after which minerals, chemicals and flavorings are added.
  • Bottled water, as an industry, as less stringent testing policies than governmental agencies
  • Each bottle requires about 5x as much water to create than is delivered as end product.
  • 22 million tons of carbonated bottled water is consumed outside its country of origin. Can you imagine the carbon footprint of moving all that water around?

Stats from here

Quench 770 Countertop CoolerThe list could go on. So, many homes and offices turn to an economical and less polluting form of filtered water: water coolers. But what’s wrong with this picture? It’s really just lipstick on a pig, when you think about it. It’s still an inefficient way of creating pure water. It’s still trucked around, creating tons of carbon emissions unnecessarily. It’s still put in plastic (though that plastic is reused much more often than individual plastic water bottles). That plastic can still interact with the water, especially if it comes into contact with uV light or is exposed to chemicals that make it more reactive.

So let’s cut to the chase–skip the bottle and all plastic entirely. Here’s the solution for your home or office. Quench, a company that serves half the Fortune 500, creates bottleless water coolers. Look at the eco-benefits.

In just one year, the manufacture of plastic jugs, bottling and delivery of water:

  1. uses 140 million kW hours of electricity
  2. Burns 6 million gallons of fuel
  3. Dumps 70 million pounds of plastic waste to landfill
  4. Wastes millions of gallons of water

Stats from here. Replacing just one bottle water cooler with a bottleless is the greenhouse gas equivalent of planting up to 120 trees per year.

This post was sponsored by Quench, but here at Blue Living Ideas, we don’t take sponsored content unless we believe firmly in the product, and this one we love. Check them out!

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