Convert Your Existing Toilet into a Dual-Flush System

If you are concerned about how much water you might be wasting in your toilet, then you need to think about how much water you need (versus how much water your toilet currently uses) every time you flush.

EPA WaterSense certified toilets are an obvious choice in sustainability. The most commonly found water-efficient toilets are those using dual-flush technology (examples here). By providing exactly the right amount of water based on the need to flush down either solid or liquid waste, a dual-flush toilet system conserves a tremendous amount of water. However, replacing your system completely can prove to be expensive in some cases, so another option to consider is converting your existing toilet with a dual-flush converter kit.

Chart from: evmwdLow Flow Savings Chart

Low Flow Savings Chart

SelectAFlush dual flush converter kit

For example, SelectAFlush is a dual flush toilet kit and a water conservation device for standard toilets. The kit enables you to convert your toilet into a dual flush system enhancing the performance of your current toilet for a fraction of the price of a new dual flush toilet.

The average U.S. family of three can save 21 gallons of water a day, or more than 7,000 gallons of water a year with SelectAFlush. With a present US population of 300 million people, if dual-flush water-conserving toilet valves were installed on every home toilet, the U.S. could potentially save a minimum of 700 billion gallons of water annually, enough to fill more than a million Olympic-size swimming pools. It’s staggering to think of what that kind of savings could mean not only for the US, but for drought ridden economies around the world.

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Author: Stephanie Evans

  1. Scary stuff going on with potable water. I was just reading about the Ogallala Aquifer and how water levels are way down. Frightening article at:
    Dual-flush toilet retrofit kits are a great and inexpensive way to save water. They transform existing two-piece 1.6 gallon toilets into dual flush toilets. Depending on the activity the toilet receives, a kit can save well over 10,000 gallons of water per year. They are also inexpensive at under $25 relative to a new dual flush toilet. Not only do they save water, but they avoid the carbon footprint associated with the construction of the new toilet, distribution of a new toilet, as well as the disposal of the existing toilet. There are several varieties available.

  2. Dual-flush toilets are such a great idea but I feel like so many businesses out there see it as an unattainable, unprofitable investment. I think water conservation is an often overlooked aspect of greening a business, with most of the focus garnered towards recycling paper and lighting upgrades.

    Heres a great resource for businesses interested in investing in dual-flush technology: It can calculate estimated costs, payback periods and potential water savings based on some simple inputs from your office. I think a tool like this can really help businesses warm up to the idea of dual-flush toilets!

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