Charge Your Cell Phone with Fire! (w/ video)

Charge Cell Phone with Fire

Introducing the FlameStower, a portable charger for small electronics that converts heat energy to electrical energy to keep your high-tech gadgets alive off the grid. Way off, if it comes to that.

Why would you ever need to charge up your cell phone or iPad that far off the grid? I’m glad you asked! Consider the following question: How do you think you’ll find your way around after the zombie apocalypse?

Answer: use your GPS.

That’s right, kids. Your GPS will probably survive the zombie apocalypse, even if the internet and your mobile service provider won’t! That’s because GPS satellites are solar powered, and they’ll be pushing out signal as long as they’re getting power, for the most part, whether anyone’s there to receive it or not. So, keep in mind that, in any disaster, survival, or extreme off-grid living situations, technology will still have a lot to offer – and it’s not all as fragile as you think. One thing that will remain fragile, however, is the charge on your device’s piddling little battery – and that’s where the FlameStower comes in.

Charge Your Cell Phone with Fire

OK, maybe the FlameStower isn’t quite that awesome – but the company’s mission statement is pretty awesome, in its own right:

Our first innovation is the FlameStower Fire Charger, powering cell phones, LEDs, AA and AAA batteries – anything that accepts a USB charge – from simple cooking and camp fires. It is on track to be the lowest cost small generator in the world, capable of empowering billions of individuals living without stable electricity. Sales from the FlameStower Fire Charger will help us to make electricity portable and affordable for people all across the globe.

With the FlameStower to charge your cell phone with fire, all you’ll need to keep your gadgets going off the grid is a heat source. That can be a campfire, a solar over, or even an acetylene torch, if you happen across one and the need to communicate or find your way is more immediate and emergent than a portable source of fire. You can check out the video, below, to get a better sense of how it works. Enjoy!

Source | Photos: Flamestower.

Written by Jo Borrรกs


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