Change Your World by Changing Your Attitude

Jimmy Buffett really is right.

Although many people think that changing the world around them is the best solution, the real life changer is changing your attitude. There is little that you can do to make another person fit your image, but there is something that only you can do to change your attitude about him. By changing your attitude, you change your relationship with that person. The gift of service is actually a gift to yourself, after all.

Relationships are constantly changing. The husband who takes his wife for granted will discover his marriage is on the rocks (no, not those kind of rocks, Mr. Buffett). While building their relationship, each was working hard to bond with the other.

Can you imagine building the same type of relationship with your employer? How about your coworkers and customers. If you worked as hard building relationships with others as you did with your marriage, you might love others almost as much.

In addition, you can build relations with your neighbors. You may think that you’re too tired to work on relationships after working all day, but you regained energy when you were dating.

A Modest Proposal

Since you know how to develop relationships with your spouse, you are capable of developing relationships with any other person. Of course, not all relationships will flourish. You cannot be perfect in every relationship, but you can try. You can improve your world and the world around you by developing an attitude of service to your friends, neighbors and all whom you meet.

You Can Change Your World

Once you have developed a servant’s attitude, you will search for ways to help others. You will need money to buy various necessities for those you want to serve. Begin today to get out of debt. Find the bestΒ savings account interest ratesΒ and begin saving. The needs of the people you serve will require as much money as you can raise. Making millions is not the answer to happiness, but financial freedom is important to learning to open your heart, and open your wallet to those you love.

Going Green

In considering how to improve your life, you should also consider the earth. You can fine many other suggestions atΒ at home.

With the proper attitude, the average Joe (or Jimmy) might find ways to work miracles.

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