Grab Your Armor and Hit the Beach! (w/ video)

chain mail shoes

On the run from Zombie hedgehogs that keep biting at your feet?  Need to cross a bed of oyster shells without ruining your best pair of feet?  Need to keep your feet totally protected, but still air-dry them to prevent blisters and infection? What you need is chain mail armor for your feet – luckily, European footwear maker Gost Barefoots makes exactly that!

These funky looking inventions from Gost give your feet the protection of a tightly woven stainless steel chain mail (just like the old knights used to wear), which is tight enough to prevent most cuts and scrapes while still being loose enough to offer the comfort of being exposed to the sun and wind. In addition to preventing infections, shoes like this can also alleviate one of the biggest summer dangers around the campgrounds I’ve been around: stinky, sweat-filled tennis shoes, and the malodorous menace they present. Futhermore, if you – like me! – have the pink, tender feet of a life-long suburbanite, you could even argue that a bit of protection as you make your way out to the back garden, cross the burning sands of the local beach, or basically do anything outside might be worth the relatively steep price of entry (these start at about 170 Euros).

This might just be the perfect shoe for a post-apocalyptic survival/off grid situation, since it’s non-porous, sterile, durable, and would be much easier to repair/maintain than the synthetic and rubber shoes you’re probably wearing right now. If you needed to run, could you imagine how much grip these shoes would have on gravel?  I’d even bet that you could kick a zombie in the face and not worry about getting bitten – and that’s a win right there!

Head on over to the company’s website to learn more and order your pair of chain mail shoes, and check out the video, below, to see how these work in coastal areas where stepping on shells and cutting your feet is a real possibility. Enjoy!


Source | PhotosGost Barefoots, via GeekAlerts.

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