Celebrating Water through Art – H20: Film on Water

How do you celebrate your relationship to the natural world? The Great River Arts organization has asked close to 100 artists to interpret and question their relationship to Water and the results are slated for exhibition in early August.

Image Credit: geishaboy500Waves as art
Waves as art

H2O: Film on Water is a video art show meant to prompt artists and audiences alike to re-examine the role of Water. Artists will draw on the ocean of imagery about water to explore it as both an elemental force of life and its increasing importance as a measurable, quantifiable result of climate change.

I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about the issues that are facing the environment, both global and local- and I am always excited to write about proposed solutions to those issues. But problems and solutions aren’t why I got into all of this in the first place- I fell in love with Water working as a canoe guide in Minnesota and a raft guide in Colorado. I carry this deep relationship of love and respect for water in its many roles with me and it drives how I live my life. For anyone who is passionate about the environment and water, it is important to sustain that connection and refresh that perspective in forums like art exhibitions.

H20: Film on Water will run from August 6- November 7, 2009. Exhibition elements will include: An artistic exploration of Geysers by Georgie Friedman (USA/Iceland), Abstracted imagery of wave patterns by Jaanika Peerna (USA/Estonia), and the intriguingly titied “Flooded Rooms” by Claire Langan (Ireland). The exhibition will also include curated work from a national call for entries and several large-scale installations.

For more information about this exhibition, contact Cynthia Reeves at: info@cynthia-reeves.com

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