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  • cigarette butts

    Reusing Cigarette Butts, Filters, and Ashes

    Cigarette waste such as ashes and discarded filters can have important uses. Butts make excellent supercapitors, rust inhibitors and industrial pallets, while ashes can be turned into water filters. More

  • iFixit and the Right to Repair

    You deserve the right to repairΒ your own car. You deserve the right to jailbreak your own phone. You deserve the right to fix your own stuff. This is the manifesto of the iFixit revolution, which seeks to create a user-sourced repair manual and troubleshooting guide for… everything. Think of that thing that you own that, […] More

  • Upcycling with Arduino: 7 Projects

    The Arduino electronics platform allows you take junk you’ve got laying around, and turn it into cool, and often useful, tools and machines. More

  • diy solar charger

    The DIY Solar Charger: 7 Plans

    Need to power up your phone or laptop battery on the go? You could buy a charger, or you could build your own diy solar charger using one of these plans. More

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