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    Pumpkin Stew (a reader recipe!)

    Served in the pumpkin itself, this makes a beautiful centerpiece. Use a pumpkin that is wider than it is tall so that it will stand upright without tilting. Buy your pumpkin before Halloween or they might not be available. If uncut, a pumpkin will last about 6 weeks. Store in a cool place but do not let freeze. More

  • Reader Recipe: Learn to Cook Delicious Beef Stew

    A perfectly cooked beef stew is certainly one of the most comforting and easy-to-cook dishes. It is among those dishes which can be cooked with minimum effort and are ideal for your family in the long winters. Cooking a tasty and filling beef stew is rather easy and simple. More

  • Reader Recipe: Ruby Grapefruit and Vanilla Curd

    Summer wouldn’t be summer without tea in the garden. Think cucumber sandwiches, home-baked biscuits, a Victoria sponge oozing strawberry jam and, of course, feather-light scones. As a change from the usual lemon curd, try this grapefruit version. More

  • Reader Recipe: Tofu Coconut Curry

    The flavor of this meatless tofu coconut curry becomes even more pronounced as the dish sits, and the flavors blend well together to create a satisfying dish. More

  • Reader Recipe: Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Ground Buffalo

    This dish was very simple to prepare, as it involve only cooking the ground meat, chopping and sautéing the Brussels sprouts, and combing both elements together with simple spices and, if you so desire, perfectly aged goat cheese. And there is always a desire for cheese. More

  • Reader Recipe: Gracious Green Salad Recipe

    I throw together plenty of salads in any given week, the variety of toppings dependent on what I have in my fridge. Here is one that I dreamed up for lunch that happened to be abundant in the color green. The greener the better when it comes to salads, I suppose. I thought a creamy Dijon dressing would compliment this particular salad recipe nicely, so I whipped up a simple one, but feel free to use your imagination for your own dressing desires. More

  • Reader Recipe: Cinnamon Currant Granola Recipe

    The base of this granola recipe consists of the traditional oat mixture, with a little added flare in the form of almond meal, popped amaranth, and shredded coconut. The classic crunch of granola, the slight chew of the currants, and flavor of the coconut make for a fabulous combination. More

  • Reader Recipe: Chewy Molasses Cookies

    These cookies are a take on the classic molasses cookie. They use almond flour as a base, making them friendly to many food intolerances, and adding a bit of nuttiness which is a great compliment to the deep molasses flavor. More

  • Reader Recipe: Vanilla Coconut Granola Recipe

    While there are a lot of great brands out there that used real ingredients and taste great, sometimes simple is just better. This coconut granola recipe is a great topping for fruit and yogurt, but would also taste great on its own. More

  • Reader Recipe: Black Metal Cüpcakes

    These extreme vegan cupcakes offer a quadruple chocolate kick with a whiskey and beer chaser. Like the music that inspired them, Black Metal Cüpcakes will have you howling at the moon! More

  • Reader Recipe: Kale Chips

    Kale chips are a nutritious, delicious, and easy snack to make. This recipe allows for customization and adding your favorite seasonings will turn this simple snack into a must have vittle! More

  • Food Freedom Radio Chives

    Every day I am eating something I grew and posting on Food Freedom Radio’s Facebook. Chives grow like weeds, best early spring. Mix with free range chicken, mushrooms garlic & ginger. More

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    Reader Recipe: Vegan Butter

    This vegan butter recipe is quick and easy, uses relatively common ingredients, and measures just like non-vegan butter. You can use it in baking, for grilled uncheese sandwiches, or just straight on warm bread. It can easily be halved or doubled if you want to adjust the quantity. It is a nice homemade alternative to store-bought vegan butter, and would keep in the fridge for weeks if I could stop myself from eating it all so quickly… More

  • Reader Recipe: Champurrado

    The fascination and relevance with Mexican gastronomy and beverages has been a longtime American favorite. One such drink that deserves attention and has gone unnoticed is champurrado. More

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    Reader Recipe: Our Grilled Cheese Evolution

    There’s another variation of grilled cheese my family calls the French Toasted Grilled Cheese. This variation completed our family’s grilled cheese evolution because once Mom heard about it (from a friend, sister, magazine?) she forgot all about her toaster oven. More

  • Reader Recipe: Ach Du Lieber Veg Smoothie

    My recipe is a tasty mixture of greens and vegetables, the first one used on my juicing diet. I originally thought I would gag if I drank anything green and thick, but this was, as my grandmother from Germany and I would say, “Ach du Lieber!” More

  • Reader Recipe: Skinny Chicken and Spinach Curry

    When I made this recipe, I wanted a quick dish using ingredients already in my fridge or cupboard. I was also on a bit of an orzo kick, so I paired this tasty, indulgent (yet healthy!) curry with orzo instead of rice and found that it worked well. More

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