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  • I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas – 5 Great Gift Ideas

    One simply did not mess with tradition in my family. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas – it didn’t matter which holiday we were celebrating, the day was painstakingly scripted. No one dare suggest deviation of any kind and, had I had the courage to suggest introducing a green element to our regimented traditions, I would have been scrutinized mercilessly. More

  • The Wireless HVAC: Going Mobile Can Increase Efficiency

    When we don’t hesitate to head across the street to save a few pennies per gallon on gas, why would we play roulette with our monthly energy bill? Nowadays, the capability is there to know exactly what you’re consuming and spending on electricity at any given moment, instead of simply waiting on the meter checker to come by and send you a bill. More

  • The Big Game Doesn't Have to be a Big Energy Hog

    Want to watch this season’s football games on a big screen TV with all the bells and whistles? Avoid the painful shock of an electric bill that’s similarly large by choosing the most energy efficient model you can: Energy Forward wants to help Northwesterners do just that. More

  • Shoes Made from Tyvek: Does Durability Make a Product Sustainable?

    Tyvek shoes – sounds like something you’d expect to find in a Devo video, and nowhere else – right? Nope: startup shoemaker Unstitched Utilities makes a wide range of casual shoes from the material more commonly associated with envelopes and home wrap. But can you call shoes made from plastic “sustainable?” More

  • The Wonderbag Comes to the Cloud

    Wonderbag, the clean insulating cooker, is partnering up with Microsoft to develop robust data on the distribution of its signature product, and the carbon savings realized by their use. More

  • Adidas Unveils First Collection of Waterless Dyed T-Shirts

    Sportswear manufacturing giant adidas nabbed a game-changing move from Nike, one of its largest competitors, to forever alter the textile dyeing industry. The internationally-known company unveiled it’s first collection of t-shirts colored using DryDye, a sustainable and completely waterless process to dye polyester fabrics, last month. More

  • Four Home Energy Inefficiencies You Can Remedy This Weekend for $100 or Less

    When I’m approached on the floor by customers about CFL bulbs (or any product that helps them save electricity), I try to engage them in conversation about other measures they could take to reduce their power bill. Fortunately for them, some of the most effective changes don’t involve replacing all of your windows or re-insulating an entire house. If you’re on a budget, that’s even more reason to take action today to start saving money each month. More

  • Five Recycled & Natural Flooring Materials

    When remodeling a home, you want a floor that is durable, livable and will light a room with its beauty. Sustainable options that are made from material that might have otherwise gone to waste are a great choice. More

  • The Real Costs of Bottled Water

    Bottled water is sold to us as a fresh, healthy, and pure product. Yet in reality, when you buy a bottle of water you’re may just be buying back your local tap water at a mark-up of up to 1000 times the actual cost. Not only is bottled water no better for you than plain old tap water, but the environmental cost of the packaging used to beautify it is a serious issue. More

  • 5 Eco-Friendly Options for a Cool Bath Mat

    Your bathroom may be the least appealing room in your house by definition of purpose but that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve as an oasis of peace and solitude! While many aspects of your water closet determine exactly how appealing it is, there is no denying the power of the bath mat in setting a tone of design and usefulness as your bathroom’s centerpiece. More

  • The Slow Fashion Movement: A Lasting Trend that Gives Back to Consumers, Manufacturers and the Environment

    Just as the slow food movement prompted us to think about where and how our food was being produced — agricultural practices, worker safety, cleanliness of factories, treatment of animals, etc. — “slow fashion” encourages fashion “consumers” to consider where and how their clothing is being made and to develop a greater sense of connection to the materials taken from the environment to create their looks. More

  • Jes MaHarry Jewelry: Uplifting Change for the Planet

    Jes MaHarry has been a creator of sustainable, hand-crafted jewelry collections and a leader of mix-media design for more than two decades. Collectors and customers alike are drawn to Jes’ signature style of “finding perfection in what is imperfect” and combining unlikely pairs of raw and refined resources to make one-of-a-kind pieces. More

  • Great Green Home Insulation Product: Sheep's Wool Batting

    Wool is one of the best natural insulators — think of how precious that favorite wool sweater of yours is, or those toasty wool socks you can’t leave home without on a cold winter day. Well, the benefits of wool extend to keeping your house comfortable, too — it is a fantastic, highly insulative, and energy-efficient material that is a superior material for saving on home heating and cooling expenses. More

  • 8+ Ways to Upcycle Wine Corks Creatively

    There is a bit of a toll on the environment when it comes to wine. The bottles are dark glass and so are easily recycled. But the corks are another story. What are you supposed to do with those strange little tops? How about upcycling them? There are plenty of ideas online. Here are seven […] More

  • Help Fund – and Design – a New Electric Folding Bike

    Though I’ve never tried one out, I really like the idea of folding bikes — electric assisted or not — as a solution to the “first and last mile problem” with mass transit… that is, getting to and from transit stops. Ride to the stop, fold it up, and carry it on… no risking those […] More

  • LuminAID: The Cheap, Portable Solar Light

    We’ve been on a bit of a solar-powered lighting kick over the past year or so: from solar light bulbs to micro solar systems for lighting and power to 2 liter soda bottles as solar light collectors, we’ve seem many ways that inventors and designers have addressed the need for appropriate lighting technology in places […] More

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