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  • Brighten Up Your Holidays – Sustainably – with LED Lights

    It all started with candles. The tradition of an illuminated holiday tree emerged around the 18th century, when wax candles were used to festoon the branches of fresh evergreens. Candles. The notion is somewhat terrifying today. But even those incandescent bulbs of childhood had their safety and practical drawbacks. The large glass bulbs would shatter; […] More

  • Ethical Underwear, Straight to Your Door: the Quarterly Underwear Club

    My idea of the worst business concept ever: a “Victoria’s Secret” for men. Very simply, guys don’t want to shop for underwear, and will wait until every last pair they own is threadbare until they go out for new skivvies (or wait for the significant other to get fed up and makes the trip to […] More

  • Buying Second-Hand Online: Better for your Wallet & the Planet

    Buying second-hand products as a means to saving money and resources is kind of a no-brainer: gently used items will always cost you less, and you’re making more efficient use of the materials and energy that went into creating them. Taking your thrift shopping online expands the possibilities of finding just the right thing… More

  • How One Small Business is “Refrying” T-Shirts into “Funner” Upcycled Fashions [Interview]

    T-shirts are a comfortable, inexpensive and fun way to tell others about things that interest you. Unfortunately, they also are quickly piling up in America’s landfills, which collect about 12.4 million tons of textile waste each year. Lisa Stout, founder and Chief Upcycling Officer at Refried Tees is working to lessen this outrageously high amount by creating her entire clothing line from reclaimed t-shirts. More

  • How to Move Sustainable Fashion Even More into the Mainstream

    More consumers are willing to recycle their used clothing for vouchers, and big brands are working to create ‘closed-loop’ garments for the masses. Indicative of this year’s theme “Momentum”, these are the types of significant changes that industry leaders hope to continue by joining forces at the annual Ethical Fashion Forum’s (EFF) Source Summit. More

  • Oxnard, California’s Café Nefola: Leading the Green Lunch Brigade

    Her name is Cynthia Neftin, and she is the owner of Oxnard, California-based Café Nefola, whose motto is “healthy, local, fresh and natural.” An additional tag line – “from fat to fit, this is it” – leaves returning customers and new visitors in no doubt as to the restaurant’s orientation. More

  • Reclaimed Wood Decor: Incorporating this Reused Material into Your Home

    Reclaimed wood is one of the hottest eco-friendly trends to come out of the interior design world. With products like reclaimed wood flooring and veneer paneling, the options and uses available with this type of lumber are limited only by your imagination. By learning more about this type of eco-friendly material, you can make educated decisions about the home design products you choose. More

  • How to Buy an Energy Efficient Water Heater [Infographic]

    According to the US Energy Information Administration, heating water doesn’t consume quite as much energy as it did twenty years ago. It does still represent over 17% of the average home’s energy consumption, though, so any increases in efficiency will make a difference in energy use and electricity bills. There are a lot of different types of water heaters on the market, though, so how do you know which one will work most efficiently for your living environment? More

  • Airocide: NASA’s Answer to the Home Air Purifier

    I’ve gotten a number of pitches to profile/review air purifiers in recent years. Generally, I’ve turned them down. While I have no problem with cleaner indoor air – who does? – I know an awful lot of products on the market don’t deliver like they claim. That was the mindset I had when a PR friend approached me with the Airocide; just a little digging, though, showed me that this wasn’t the average product in this niche. More

  • Toxins in our Everyday Personal Care and Food Products

    With so many “natural” and “eco-friendly” alternatives on the market, one would assume it would be easy to dodge harmful chemicals from entering your body, right? Sadly, this is not the case. As more and more companies come out with new personal care and food products, more eco-experts are finding them to be green-washed and full of harmful chemicals. More

  • soil block starting seeds

    The DIY Soil Block Maker: 7 Plans

    Want to try using soil blocks for starting your garden seeds this year? You can buy a soil blocker… or make your own from one of these DIY plans. More

  • sustainablog's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

    Putting off the holiday gift shopping? We hate the mall, too, but if you go at the last minute, here’s what you might end up with. Never fear, though: we’ve got good green gift suggestions that only require some time on the computer. More

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