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  • Custom Snowboards Made from "Right in Our Back Yard" Wood: Empire Grown

    I’ve become really tired of the word “artisan” (or “artisanal”) on products: as far as I can see, it generally means “expensive.” I rarely see that such products involve the kind of loving, caring creativity undertaken by a true artisan.  What do I associate with that word? A deep level of knowledge of the materials […] More

  • refridgerator

    How to Buy an Energy Efficient Fridge (in 2014)

    While still responsible for about 13 percent of your home’s energy use, fridges have ditched bulky insulation for slim line panels, drastically cutting down on their consumption and giving us much more space for the energy we use. More

  • Grow Your Own Edible Insects: the Open Bug Farm

    Insects are chock-full of nutrition, and require little space, effort or expense for farming. Compare this to, say, growing a cow or a pig yourself, and you’ll understand why 2 billion people around the world already practice entomophagy (the fancy word for “eating bugs”). More

  • Repurpose Your Used Smartphone into a Home Energy Monitor/Remote Control

    Got an old smartphone or tablet laying around? Probably: we Americans tend to upgrade such devices every couple of years (and, of course, the big carriers would like us to do it even more often). If you’re like me, you’re planning to recycle that device… but finding a way to reuse it would ultimately be […] More

  • How to Reuse Candle Wax: Make More Candles…

    This is pretty cool — the opposite of planned obsolescence, this little candleholder pictured above turns your old, burning candle into a new one ready to be burned. I think you get the idea from the pictures, but in case not: The candle burns, melts… More

  • How to Keep a Leaking Toilet from Blowing Up Your Water Bill: Aqua Mizer

    Got a low-flush toilet in your home? Probably – they were introduced in the early ’90s, and later mandated for all new installations. So, you’re saving water when you’re flushing… but what if you’ve got a leaking toilet? Yeah, low-flush doesn’t make much of a difference there… and, collectively, the US loses over a trillion […] More

  • Organic Cotton Fabric: Beyond the Harvest

    Most of love our clothes made of cotton, but more and more of us also realize that cotton grown by conventional agricultural practices is a pretty dirty crop: massive amounts of pesticides and water are used in its growth. Organic practices dramatically reduce the pollution and waste associated with cotton growing; they also make use […] More

  • Plastic in the Ocean Turned Fashionable: Pharrell Williams' Bionic Yarn

    From mass producing ‘closed-loop’ garments to coloring t-shirts with waterless dyes, technological advancements are helping the sustainable fashion industry evolve into a powerhouse. Innovators are coming up with ingenious ways to create ethically-made garments without harming workers, shoppers or the environment. The blogosphere was particularly abuzz last month following popular musician and designer Pharrell Williams’ […] More

  • Another Home Aquaponics System for the Beginner: AquaSprouts

    Got a 10-gallon aquarium laying around in the basement or garage? The detritus of a failed attempt at adding tropical fish to the home decor? Austin, Texas college sophomore Jack Ikard found one in the back shed a year and a half ago, and decided to see if he couldn’t turn it into an indoor […] More

  • Is Car Ownership No Longer an American Rite of Passage?

    Reports from two different, respected institutions have been making waves in the automotive world for coming to the same conclusion; America, and the world, are past the point of automotive saturation, and rather than seeing sales expand, in a few short… More

  • The $10 LED Bulb Goes on Sale at Home Depot

    I was recently offered a Philips SlimStyle LED for review. $0 is a pretty good price for an LED, so I took it. I have to admit that this is the first LED I’m using as a “normal light bulb.” All the others we have are CFLs. After about one week… More

  • Smart Introduces a New One-Seater in Detroit

    Thought a Smart couldn’t get any smaller? Well, perhaps not on four wheels, but at this year’s North American International Auto Show, the company known for its tiny cars rolled out… a bicycle! Jo Borras at sister site Gas 2.0 has all the details on Smart’s latest “vehicle.” Production Smart Bicycle Launched at Detroit Auto […] More

  • The Connector for DIY Tomato Cages

    Bob Van Epps is raising money through Kickstarter to bring his product to the market. Encintias resdient Bob Van Epps invented a device called the Tomato Triangle that is a molded plastic connector that when mated with off-the-shelf PVC irrigation… More

  • From Fashion Students to Business Owners: An Inside Look at Nula Kids’ Journey to Create Adjustable Children’s Clothing [Interview]

    Thanks to more transparency in the sustainable fashion industry, we, the customers, are no longer outsiders in the clothing manufacturing processes. We have the resources to track the sources of designers’ fabrics and other materials, the seamstresses who sewed the looks together, and the effects production and shipping have on the environment. Business owners are […] More

  • New Year, New Start: Going Green in the Office

    Now that you’re back from the festive break – feeling refreshed and re-energized – it’s the perfect time to give your office that much needed revamp you’ve been putting off. According to GOV.UK, a low number of businesses were recycling in 2013. The government are hoping to move to a more ‘eco-friendly environment’ in 2014, […] More

  • Can't Afford a Wooden Bike? Then Accessorize…

    The concept of a wooden bicycle has captured the imagination of designers; manufacturers, however, aren’t sold yet. So, we’ve generally seen either concepts at this point, or handmade wooden bikes that are well beyond the budgets of most of us. If you want to ride something made of wood, a skateboard is still your best […] More

  • Cargo Bikes that Look Cool… Really!

    Cargo bikes look kind of clunky, which may explain why they’ve been slower to catch on in the US. Still, if you’re looking to go low/no-car, a bicycle with room for groceries could go a long ways towards getting you there – they’d be even more convenient than the bus/train for shopping trips. Denmark’s Butchers […] More

  • teddy bears

    Pre-Loved Teddy Bears Recycled into Rugs and More: (Re)Uses for Old Toys

    In a few days boys and girls around the world will excitedly untie ribbons and tear away packaging to reveal their newest toys and games. Parents like me will have to figure out how to make room for their children’s latest gifts along with keeping their most cherished favorites. If your child’s toy box is […] More

  • CO2 Sensors that Fit in Your Pocket: the Node+CO2

    Ever get a case of the yawns while sitting at your desk? Silly question – of course you do! Usually, we figure we need another cup of coffee. That jolt of caffeine might help… but opening a nearby window or stepping outside for a breath of fresh air might also wake you up: poor indoor […] More

  • Ford's Big Plans for Auto Start-Stop Technology

    Last week, I made a very quick trip to Detroit to attend Ford’s North American International Auto Show press preview (disclaimer: Ford paid for my trip). A number of exciting announcements made, including the revelation of its automated Fusion hybrid research vehicle (which was very cool to see), and plans for new plants (and jobs). On […] More

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Eco-Fashionistas: Seven Ideas for the Perfect Present

    With only a few days left of holiday shopping, here are seven ideas to help you choose one-of-a kind gifts for the environmentally-conscious, fashionable ladies in your life. Take it from me, regardless of the holidays your family celebrates, every woman would appreciate a kindhearted, thoughtful present. The choices vary from ordering online to upcycling […] More

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