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  • The Cemetery as Tree Nursery: Capsula Mundi

    Designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel’s Capsula Mundi concept makes burial of the dead cleaner and greener by turning a cemetery into a tree nursery fed by decomposing bodies. More

  • Upcycling with Arduino: 7 Projects

    The Arduino electronics platform allows you take junk you’ve got laying around, and turn it into cool, and often useful, tools and machines. More

  • 5 Sustainable Innovations in 2014 You Probably Didn't Know About

    Each year, technology and innovative advancement brings humanity a step closer to a much more sustainable existence. From renewable energy to improved methods for cultivating food and consumer products, science is lending a hand to enhance humanity’s way of life. Although many are aware of the developments of the recent past, there are many sustainable innovations […] More

  • The DIY Rain Barrel: 4 More Plans

    Ready to start collecting rainwater. Build a DIY rain barrel instead of buying a kit or a finished product & save money (as well as water). More

  • New Eco Toys Brand Aims for Less Plastic, More Durability & Made in the US

    I was thrilled to receive an email from Jim Barber, one of the co-founders of Luke’s Toy Factory in Danbury, Connecticut. A family-run operation, the team at Luke’s has focused not only on design, but also materials that meet their own high standards for safety, environmental responsibility, and durability. More

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