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  • The Energy Game is Rigged: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Topped $620 Billion in 2011

    The energy game is rigged in favor of fossil fuels because we omit the environmental and health costs of burning coal, oil, and natural gas from their prices. Subsidies manipulate the game even further. According to conservative estimates from the Global Subsidies Initiative and the International Energy Agency (IEA), governments around the world spent more than $620 billion to subsidize fossil fuel energy in 2011. More

  • TransCanada Gets Injunction Lifted in Texas

    Texas landowner Mike Bishop went to court and got an injunction against TransCanada to prevent them from building the Keystone XL pipeline across his land. The injunction was temporary and would have lasted until the day of a hearing to determine if the pipeline put his land at undue risk. Rather than wait for the hearing on December 19, TransCanada worked to get the injunction lifted last Thursday. More

  • Route Map of the Keystone XL Pipeline

    When photographer Thomas Bachand decided to document the route of the Keystone XL pipeline, he went looking for a map of the project. He soon found out there isn’t one, so he made his own. More

  • Join Us to Discuss & Dissect the Environmental Claims in Last Week’s Presidential Debate

    If somebody had told me that energy and environmental policy would get the level of attention they did in last week’s presidential debate, I wouldn’t have believed them. Given the areas of focus in candidate advertisements and stump speeches, none of us had any reason to believe that the President’s spending on green jobs and energy, or Governor Romney’s support of “clean” coal and “responsible drilling” would have been front and center in the debate. So let’s discuss… More

  • Whanganui River Now a Legal Person

    The Whanganui River in New Zealand has received recognition as a person, similar to a corporation. The New Zealand government and a Maori nation have reached an agreement where the river becomes a legal entity. More

  • India’s National Water Policy

    India released the third draft of its National Water Policy after the first two attempts in January and May met with protests from the states. The latest draft is meant as an umbrella statement focusing on the need for “…a broad overarching national legal framework of general principles on water to lead the way for essential legislation on water governance in every state,” according to the water resources ministry. More

  • Protecting Glaciers from Mining in Argentina

    In September 2010, Argentina passed a law banning mining on glaciers and the area around them on the 3100 mile border with Chile. Mining companies sued to overturn the law, but Argentina’s supreme court said the law remains in place. More

  • Fukushima was a Manmade Disaster

    The official report of the National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC) is out and it states that Fukushima was a manmade disaster. More

  • South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Voted Down

    The South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary would have covered most of the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator, from the coast of South America to the coast of Africa. It would have joined with the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary. More

  • National Park Service Asks “Where are All the Young People?”

    This past week, NBC News reported on a rather upsetting trend among national parks visitors. It seems that instead of the young backpacker often associated with national parks, the average national park visitor is actually middle-aged. What’s the National Park Service doing about this potentially disturbing trend? More

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