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  • Beautiful Urban Garden Pictures

    I’ve never done very well with the whole “Wordless Wednesday” thing – guess I just have too much to say! But it’s always good to just shut up and enjoy sometimes… More

  • What is an Urban Farm?

    How do you define an “urban farm?” Film maker Dan Susman, co-creator of the forthcoming Growing Cities, tries to do so after witnessing dozens of efforts to produce food in urban settings. More

  • The Urban Farm Comes to Film: Growing Cities

    Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette saw that, despite the growth of urban agriculture around the United States, there wasn’t much going on in their home town of Omaha, Nebraska on this front… so they decided to strike out on a road trip to see what was happening in other cities. Growing Cities, a feature-length documentary, is the result of that road trip. More

  • 5 Problems with Being a Throwaway Society (Film)

    Where does trash really go? A common misconception is that if we simply throw something away, then it will magically go to a place where we can forget about it forever. However, acting out of convenience and without consideration for the bigger environmental picture (and for our future), we have contributed to a throwaway culture in America. The SnagFilms documentary Trashed illuminates five major ways in which the seemingly trivial act of throwing away garbage has much more profound environmental and societal implications. More

  • 5 Reasons We Should be Concerned about Fracking (Film)

    We all know that the affordability, efficiency, and sustainability of cleaner, greener energy will be a major challenge for this century. Some have called natural gas a better and cleaner energy source; yet, even if we set aside this hot air, the process of extracting the gas (called hydraulic fracturing or fracking) proves problematic for both environmentalists as well as those in proximity to the wells. SnagFilms’ After the Gas Rush series explores the dangers associated with natural gas fracking. More

  • Tiny Houses are Big! Lloyd Kahn's Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

    Lloyd Kahn’s new book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter delivers a fresh look at the gamut of modern tiny houses and their owners, and the sheer diversity of approaches people are taking to scale back in an era where few could deny the need to address our massive consumption of energy and resources. More

  • Top 10 Tiny House Books: Small House Designs

    In recent years, with the mainstream success of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, housing prices going through the roof, greater awareness of sustainable and ecological living issues, living in tiny homes has become an attractive option for increasing numbers of people. More

  • Al Gore's Climate Reality Project Blanketing the Web with Climate Science

    Update: Sister sites Planetsave and Eat.Drink.Better (post not live yet) will both be livestreaming the 24 Hours of Reality event. It starts tonight at 7 pm Central Time. Editor’s note: As someone who’s donated 24 straight hours of time and work for a couple of different causes, I’m looking forward to the Climate Reality Project’s 24 […] More

  • ENERGY STAR Video Contest Highlights Simple Ways to Save Energy

    Think the kids in the video above are cute and clever? Yeah, me too… which is while I’ll probably give them a vote in ENERGY STAR’s “Be an ENERGY STAR” Video Challenge currently running on Facebook and YouTube. Yes, this is another one of those “make a video about something that matters to you” contests […] More

  • Chicken Welfare Agreement with Egg Industry a Missed Media Opportunity

    On July 7, 2011, a press release went out announcing a seemingly significant victory in the effort to improve the conditions of egg-laying chickens. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) had reached an agreement with the United Egg Producers (UEP), which, its website states, “is a trade association representing the majority of U.S. […] More

  • Monolithic Dome Construction: Challenges and Opportunities

    Last week, we took a look at the monolithic dome, a very energy-efficient and disaster resistant form of building. Aaron Fown, who produced the video in that post, has published the second part of his interview (above) with Monolithic Dome Institute CEO David South, and delves into some of the challenges and opportunities created by […] More

  • Bicycling in Detroit: Community Efforts Caught on Film

    Think of the city of Detroit and burned out and deserted… where it’s not crime-infested? Yes, the city’s had its ups and downs, but that hasn’t stopped residents from trying to raise the standard of living for all. For some in Detroit, that work involves advocating bicycling… as a way to save money, improve health, and […] More

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