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  • In the Land of the Blind: Bird Box and Surviving without Sight

    Imagine that you and a few fellow survivors are left alone in a world in which alien entities have destroyed almost all of humanity. Next, imagine that you have to scavenge supplies, source potable water, care for your children, differentiate ally from friend, and defend yourself. Now, imagine that you have to do all of […] More

  • Washing Your Hands – Just Do it, Already!

    Why will you not wash your hands? Seriously, it’s not that hard. It doesn’t take that long. And everyone else in the bathroom is going to give you the side-eye if you don’t do it. Also, you need to use soap. That “running your hands under the water and then drying them” thing doesn’t actually […] More

  • Book Review: The Anthropocene, by Christian Schwagerl

    For better or worse, this is the age of the human, with the choices that we make affecting the Earth on a geological scale. Such is the premise of The Anthropocene, written by Christian Schwagerl and given to me by a publicist who found my sweet spot for Doomsday literature. “Anthropocene” means “the epoch of […] More

  • ProTip: You Need a Machete

    I’ll leave out the part where I sometimes pretend to swordfight with it, because that’s super dangerous and not OK. Especially since the machete’s primary purpose is hacking, and you might think that you don’t have a lot of hacking that you need to do in your life, but you do. All that said, this […] More

  • Walking Dead Cocktail: Bloody Brains

    Happy Walking Dead Week! I mean, the season premiere of THE best post-Apocalyptic, zombie-infested, survivalist show on cable is worth a week-long party, yes? Yes! So, whether you’re still recovering from yesterday’s premiere, or, if you’re like me and you plan to use your grandpa’s cable account number to stream it off of AMC later […] More

  • Godzilla vs. the Bad Bug Out Plan

    If Godzilla has taught us anything, it’s that a trained soldier and a doctor will form a bug out plan that involves sending their kid towards a nuke, alone. More

  • Share Your Black-Market Antibiotics: Goodbye World and the Myth of Community

    Are you seriously supposed to share those black-market antibiotics that you worked REALLY hard to acquire with whatever random person happens to get strep throat after SHTF? In the 2013 post-Apocalyptic film Goodbye World, the answer is yes. In Goodbye World, we’ll ignore the suspiciously gaudy affluence of a multi-storied off-the-grid home run by two […] More

  • Your Friends are Trying to Kill You: Surviving Battle Royale

    There are definitely some people in your ninth grade class that you wanted to kill. Of course, your best friend was also in your ninth grade class, as well as a bunch of normal people, some cool kids, plenty of weird kids, and the absolutely greatest love of your entire life. No matter. In Koushun […] More

  • Pentagon Creates Zombie Preparedness Plan: What You Should Know

    The Pentagon has a Zombie Preparedness Plan. Right about now, I know you’re saying to yourself, “It’s about frakking time!”, and indeed it is, because as we all know, if the government does not present a strong line of defense, the zombies are going to kill us all. The Pentagon’s Zombie Preparedness Plan was written […] More

  • Tiny House Made from Big Dumpster

    There’s dumpster diving, then there’s this – maybe we should call it dumpster dwelling? The Homeless Homes project is turning urban waste into small homes. More

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