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  • Washing Your Hands – Just Do it, Already!

    Why will you not wash your hands? Seriously, it’s not that hard. It doesn’t take that long. And everyone else in the bathroom is going to give you the side-eye if you don’t do it. Also, you need to use soap. That “running your hands under the water and then drying them” thing doesn’t actually […] More

  • Book Review: The Anthropocene, by Christian Schwagerl

    For better or worse, this is the age of the human, with the choices that we make affecting the Earth on a geological scale. Such is the premise of The Anthropocene, written by Christian Schwagerl and given to me by a publicist who found my sweet spot for Doomsday literature. “Anthropocene” means “the epoch of […] More

  • What’s in My BugOut Bag? Books!

    Part 1 of the first “What’s in My BugOut Bag” series of articles focuses on the books that will help us get through the tough times. More

  • Live Ebola Map Helps Chart Your Course

    This live ebola map – with hourly updates – will help you keep track of the spread of this deadly disease in Africa, Europe, and in North America. More

  • ProTip: You Need a Machete

    I’ll leave out the part where I sometimes pretend to swordfight with it, because that’s super dangerous and not OK. Especially since the machete’s primary purpose is hacking, and you might think that you don’t have a lot of hacking that you need to do in your life, but you do. All that said, this […] More

  • Walking Dead Cocktail: Bloody Brains

    Happy Walking Dead Week! I mean, the season premiere of THE best post-Apocalyptic, zombie-infested, survivalist show on cable is worth a week-long party, yes? Yes! So, whether you’re still recovering from yesterday’s premiere, or, if you’re like me and you plan to use your grandpa’s cable account number to stream it off of AMC later […] More

  • Godzilla vs. the Bad Bug Out Plan

    If Godzilla has taught us anything, it’s that a trained soldier and a doctor will form a bug out plan that involves sending their kid towards a nuke, alone. More

  • Motoped Builds Ultimate Survival Moped

    If you’re ever caught in a bad situation after pedaling into the woods with ZEV silence, the Motoped can fire up its Honda engine and motor you away! More

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