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  • The Coolest School Lunch Program EVER

    Fifth and sixth graders at Pacific Elementary prepare lunch for the whole school using food they grew in the school’s garden classroom. And they do it every day. More

  • Mister Rogers Learns About Soy Foods in 1986

    Did you know that Mister Rogers was a vegetarian? It’s true! He didn’t talk about it directly on the show, but in one episode on healthy eating, he shows off some very 80s meat alternatives. More

  • BPA Free Does Not Mean Safe

    Sippy cups made with BPA free plastic are no safer than any other sippy cup. The reason? The chemical used to replace BPA is also an endocrine disruptor. More

  • Kids ARE Pure Evil: They Throw Away Healthy School Lunches, Study Finds

    Okay, so as every parent knows, kids are pure evil. I’ve watched my daughter torture cherry tomatoes like they were on trial for war crimes. (Just mine? Really?) But here’s proof that it’s not just your kid (or mine) who’s the devil incarnate: They’re throwing away perfectly good-for-them fruits and vegetables. Duh, you’re thinking, right? That’s not news. What kid doesn’t scoff at Brussels sprouts? But mommies and daddies, now we have actual SCIENCE to back us up. Pass the wine. More

  • A Beginner’s Probiotics Guide

    Probiotics are getting some good press lately (and some bad). This probiotics guide dives into what they are, what they do, and how to eat more probiotics. More

  • Healthy Homemade Bug Juice Popsicles

    Store-bought bug juice is not exactly a healthy drink. Instead of giving your kid a squeezy bottle full of artificial colors, flavors, and refined sugars, try this bug juice recipe, frozen into super fun popsicles. More

  • How Recess Helps Kids Eat Healthier

    A recent study found that simply scheduling recess before lunch led school kids to eat 54 percent more vegetables? Here’s how parents can benefit from these findings. More

  • Healthy Kids Eat ‘Grown-Up Food’ and Like It

    As parents, we want a better life for our kids. We want to raise healthy kids who don’t ever experience that 3 o’clock slump that as adults we often fight off with caffeine and sugar. We want our children to eat better and to like it. More

  • Healthy Lunches for Kids in Daycare Programs May Require a Note from a Doctor

    Sending your children off to a daycare with some healthy food may not be as simple as it sounds if your child’s daycare participates in the federal Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). The program is making it difficult for parents to pack healthy lunches for kids because it hinders funding for the program, which daycare programs rely on. More

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