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  • Halloween Pumpkin Waste is Very Scary

    The scariest thing about Halloween might not be zombies or vampires. Let’s take a look at the shocking amount of Halloween pumpkin waste and how we can prevent this yearly horrorshow. More

  • Food Waste Battery Runs on Apples

    Who says batteries don’t grow on trees? German researchers are working on a food waste battery that runs on waste from the apple processing industry. More

  • Guide to Shopping for Bulk Food

    Shopping for bulk food can help save you money, reduce the need for single-use plastics, and allow you an unprecedented amount of kitchen fun! More

  • Kids ARE Pure Evil: They Throw Away Healthy School Lunches, Study Finds

    Okay, so as every parent knows, kids are pure evil. I’ve watched my daughter torture cherry tomatoes like they were on trial for war crimes. (Just mine? Really?) But here’s proof that it’s not just your kid (or mine) who’s the devil incarnate: They’re throwing away perfectly good-for-them fruits and vegetables. Duh, you’re thinking, right? That’s not news. What kid doesn’t scoff at Brussels sprouts? But mommies and daddies, now we have actual SCIENCE to back us up. Pass the wine. More

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