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  • A Visit To The Hess Collection in Napa Valley

    I recently spent the day enjoying a tour and wine and cheese tasting at the Hess Collection Winery In Napa.  It was a first class experience. I recently spent the day at the Hess Collection Winery and, like many wineries and businesses in Napa, the evidence of the recent 6.0 earthquake could be seen everywhere. […] More

  • 3 Updated Margarita Recipes

    I’m doing some research on 1995 for a project I’m working on and came across a quintessential 1990’s cocktail, the frozen strawberry margarita from a slushie machine. Oh, how far we’ve come. Here are three updates margarita recipes. More

  • Thirsty Thursday: Easy Camping Cocktails

    Labor Day weekend and the end of summer are both good excuses to go camping. Here are three great, easy camping cocktails for your next foray in the great outdoors. Easy Camping Cocktails Outer Boroughs Cocktail I spied this first cocktail from Jenny Schwartz, co-owner and general manager of Hopscotch in Oakland, on the blog The Bold […] More

  • How to Store Wine So It Lasts

    Did you pick up a special bottle of vino, but you’re not ready to pop it open yet? Here’s how to store wine so it ages well instead of turning to vinegar. More

  • Rosé Wine Picks For Summer

    I’m not a white wine drinker but when its hot outside a robust red wine just doesn’t hit the spot. At times like that I reach for a rosé. Rosé wine is just the right combination of cold and red. And, gone are the days of cloyingly sweet “White Zinfandel”. Now adays you can get […] More

  • How To Buy Good Cheap Wine

    If you like to drink wine but get flustered when it comes time to actually buy it, you’re like most of us. How to know which wine region? Which winery?  What’s the difference between Syrah and Shiraz? Here are a few low-stress ways to help you choose good cheap wine wherever you may go. Let the experts do […] More

  • Top Top News from the Food Front: Kale-esi Burger, Food Waste App, Organic Controversy

    Have you heard about the vegan ‘Game of Thrones’ themed burger, or the new app to help you fight food waste? Did you see the new diet and nutrition research on MS and heart disease? Do you know about Big Ag’s efforts to railroad organic standards, in a direction no one here wants ’em to go? Read on for a roundup of all the good, bad, and interesting news from the food world this week! More

  • 8 Wine Trends We’re Loving Right Now

    The wine industry is surprisingly adaptable for a craft that’s been around for thousands of years. Wine-makers are flexible in modifying their processes to keep up with changing consumer demands and environmental issues. These wine trends are telling examples of the wine industry’s innovation and resilience. More

  • Should Beer Be Part of Your After Workout Plans?

    A new beverage Lean Machine, an after workout beer also known as “recovery ale,” is creating quite a stir. Should you add beer to your after workout plans or is it just more marketing healthwash? Lean Machine is a new Canadian beer designed for “active adults who are want a full-flavored, low calorie, low carb premium beer.” […] More

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