Cargo Bikes – and the People Who Love Them – Come to Film

Looking for an efficient way to get around? Sure, you could invest in a hybrid or electric vehicle, but it’s really hard to beat a bicycle for efficiency (or lack of emissions, or physical fitness, or price…). Of course, if you’re going grocery shopping for the family, the conventional two-wheeler may not work. If you’re really serious about pedal-powered transportation, it may be time to look into cargo bikes.

Yeah, they’re a little clunky looking, but bicycles built for transporting more than a single person have developed their own culture, and a documentary in the works, Less Car More Go, aims to share that culture with the world. Our sister site Ecopreneurist dug into the film, and its use of both crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to get it made.

Once you finish Derek’s post, tell us about your own experiences with cargo bikes…

Cargo Bike Documentary is Crowdsourced and Crowdfunded (via Ecopreneurist)

In the green blogosphere, we’re rather bullish on cleantech and renewable energy, and it’s no secret we’re in favor of electric cars and hybrids, but let’s face it, we’re not all going to be able to run out and put money down on big ticket…

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