Can Mass Media Heal the World with “Nutritious” Popular Culture?

heal the world heal ourselves

Last Fall, we introduced you to Pacha, a new “superhero” for kids to emulate. The campaign for launching the first part of this “transmedia experience,” the Pacha’s Pajamas soundtrack album, was a success, and now BALANCE Edutainment has moved on to another element of Pacha’s story, as well as its own goal of creating “nutritious” popular culture for kids that teaches them to love themselves and the natural world. The “Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves” campaign has gathered concerned celebrities and organizations to reach out to mass media companies and ask for pop culture that provides positive role models and behavioral cues.

This isn’t just about activism, though; it’s also about entertainment. Along with the launch of the campaign itself, BALANCE released this inspiring 8-minute video “I Heart Nature Superheroes” which illustrates just what nutritious popular culture could look Β like:

Pretty cool, huh? If you think your kids, or others, might like this, share it with them… and check out other videos and music from the project.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts with us below in the comments.


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  1. I have a strong sense that if we raise our children on mostly nutritious pop culture, it could really shift how kids relate to the planet, one another and ourselves and create the possibilities which seem implausible at the moment. And once young people start really demanding action to preserve the planet for their and future generations, I think the change will really start shifting.

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