California Concept Cafe Celebrates Families And Community

A new restaurant in Los Altos is designed with families, community, and whole-body wellness in mind.

Bumble Cafe front door.There are plenty of restaurants that DON’T cater to families. While those who prefer to dine free from the shrieks and giggles of children are entitled to their silence, it can be hard for hard-working parents to find a place where their brood can eat together in peace.

This gap in the restaurant industry is exactly what inspired the creation of Bumble:Β a new concept cafe in downtown Los Altos serving up farm to table organic fare for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

“We welcome customers of any age but cater to families with young children as an inviting place to dine and relax with kids,” said proprieter Mary Heffernan.

Bumble Cafe Play Room

Unique offerings include a fully-stocked playroom with teachers leading arts and crafts projects, story time and free play where you can drop your kids to eat and play while parents relax on site, a welcoming sandbox in the front yard with sparkling play-safe sand and a 22 foot aquarium between the Family Room and Playroom to engage and entertain while you eat dishes made from local and organic ingredients.

Ok so it has a play space. One could argue that McDonald’s offers the same combination of services. But it’s how Bumble chooses to use its amenities that sets it apart from toy-hawking fast food restaurants.

“Our concept includes Family Memberships, offering the opportunity for families to be a part of the community at Bumble, explained Heffernan. “Members can charge their bill to their house account and use their membership points for playroom time, art classes for kids and special events like Mom’s Nights Out and Friday Night Family Style Dinners. Sunday Nights are Movie Night in the playroom at Bumble and we have lots of fun seasonal special events too.”

Basically imagine that your favorite restaurant suddenly fell in love with your favorite bar, your buddy’s man cave, your best friend’s living room, an art studio and a movie theater all at once…and your babysitter just happens to live there. I don’t have kids, but that combo sounds fantastic!

Patio Bumble
Adult’s-Only Patio

More than the beautiful interior design and fantastic services, I appreciate Bumble’s emphasis on personal relationships, play, and whole body wellness. You can eat all the local, organic food you want, but it you’re stressed out all day and night without a break, you’re not going to feel great in the morning. Bumble truly is a new concept in the restaurant industry–a friendly place where community members of all ages can nourish their body and mind.

So if you live in Los Altos, I’m officially jealous that you have the chance to experience Bumble first hand.

Even though Bumble is just getting started, they already have a fast following of local families. And Heffernan hopes that you’ll join them over the holidays.

“We are planning a “New Years Eve Bash” event for families- kids bring their PJ’s and sleeping bags to watch the ball drop in the Playroom while parents get a real New Years party experience upstairs (everyone knows how hard it is to find a babysitter on New Years, here’s your solution!)”

Learn more about Bumble on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp

All images courtesy Bumble Cafe/Picasa

Written by Beth Buczynski

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