Build a Greenhouse from Plastic Water Bottles

Who needs big bucks to build a greenhouse when you can create an upcycled structure from salvaged plastic bottles?

by Julie Finn

Build a Greenhouse from Plastic Bottles

Who needs big bucks to build a greenhouse when you can create an upcycled structure from salvaged plastic bottles?

Know a big group of kids in search of a big service project?

Check out the plastic bottle greenhouse that kids in Scotland built out of approximately 1,500 2-liter bottles, and read their detailed pdf instructions for how to build a greenhouse from plastic bottles here.

If youโ€™d prefer to use 1.5-liter water bottles to build your greenhouse, however, use Ana Whiteโ€™s plastic bottle greenhouse plans (pictured above).

Because you need SO MANY plastic bottles to build a greenhouse, this project would make an excellent one for a school or club. I could see this being done in 4-H or Girl Scouts, at the Boys and Girls Club or in a food pantryโ€™s youth or garden extension programs, at Maker Faire or Strange Folk Festival or Lollapalooza.

Want to start just a *little* smaller than building a full-on greenhouse? Look through these other recycled plastic gardening projects, and see if something strikes your fancy

1.ย 2-liter plastic bottle hanging planter:ย Donโ€™t just use plastic bottles only for seed starting; you can keep your plants permanently in this hanging planter.

2.ย CD case greenhouse:ย It turns out that you can cobble together quite a serviceable little greenhouse using only plastic CD cases.

3.ย in-ground plastic bottle plant cover:ย Caught out by an unexpected freeze warning, just after youโ€™ve got all of your delicate plant starts in the ground? You can use plastic bottles as individual greenhouses right in the garden.

4.ย miniature plastic bottle greenhouse:ย You need just one plastic bottle to keep your favorite plant happy.

5.ย plastic bottle seed starters:ย This little greenhouse provides the perfect warm and moist environment for starting seeds from scratch.

6.ย plastic salad container greenhouse:ย A plastic salad container is the perfect size and shape to grow a crop of microgreens.

Do you know any local group thatโ€™s completed a large-scale recycling project like this? Iโ€™d love to hear about it in the Comments below!

[plastic bottle greenhouse image via Ana White]

a version of this article originally ran at Crafting a Green World

Written by Becky Striepe

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