“Blue August” Programming on Planet Green

This summer, Planet Green will air Blue August, a robust month of on-air and on-line programming that brings to life the wonders and mysteries of the aquatic — from the majesty of our oceans to the critical issue of clean drinking water.

photo by Aube insanitePlanet Green plans "Blue August" Programming
Planet Green plans Blue August Programming

Planet Green will feature a series of documentaries including the network premiere of the Blue Planet series, new episodes of Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff, and other innovative short-form content. Prominent conservationists and explorers Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau will host Blue August.

“With this special month of programming, Planet Green is shining a spotlight on the critical and complex role our oceans and water play in the health of our planet and to those who do and will inhabit this earth,” said Planet Green President and General Manager Laura Michalchyshyn. “Working with leading experts and a team of distinguished partners, Planet Green will leverage all of its platforms during Blue August to engage our audiences in understanding and protecting this elemental part of life on Earth.”

Treehugger will also support Planet Green by hosting a series of blogposts about the politics, news and opinion related to the state of our oceans and waters.

For more information, please visit: https://www.planetgreen.com.

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