Bicycle Rental: A Small Step to Going Greener


We all know as conscientious stewards of our environment that cutting down on car emissions and using less fuel are two ways that help us green our lives. Commuting by bicycle is a great way to do this, but what if you live too far from work to make this a feasible option? How can the average person who doesn’t own a bicycle take advantage of all its green benefits? The answer is a bicycle share program, of course. In fact, there may already be a share site in your area.

Easy to Use

Using a bicycle doesn’t have to mean a major investment of money. Most rental companies charge by the hour, meaning that you spend less money than you would on gas and the bicycle goes back when you’re finished with it.

Explore Your World

Renting a bicycle is perfect for running errands downtown, taking a leisurely ride through a nearby small town or exploring trails or recreation sites in your area. Traveling by bike gives you great physical benefits but also allows you to see the world in a different way. It’s slower, and you can stop whenever you want to look around at new things and explore. Many cities have added bike lanes, and there are now bike paths stretching across most suburban areas as well.

Different Rental Options

Most of us are familiar with the common urban sight of a line of bikes parked and waiting to be rented. They even get carbon credits now. This type of rental company isn’t your only option, however. Some bicycle retailers offer rentals as part of their services. Or you can go online to check out growing bike share companies like Splinster.

Splinster offers a more personal approach to bike rentals. You can search their website for people in the area who want to rent their bikes. You contact them through the website and arrange to a time and place to pick up the bike.

Think of it as social media for bike rentals. You rent the bike for a certain time and then return it just like any other rental company. However, through Splinster, you actually get to know the person behind the bike. It’s a fantastic way to meet someone in the area. This is especially helpful if you’re in town for a limited time working or if you’re on vacation.

Everyone can agree that bicycles are one of the best green transportation options, and the beauty of the bicycle is that through renting and sharing, it can be incorporated into your life without a major investment of money. Whether it’s for transportation to work or as a fun outing on vacation, using a bicycle will make you live greener. It’s also a fun way to show out-of-town guests around your area or explore a new place on your own. The benefits are many, and you’ll be doing the environment a favor as well. And don’t forget your helmet!

Image credit: Porro via Flicker Creative Commons

Written by Chris Keenan

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