Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack: Buy ALL the Things

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack
Today’s post is about the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack, which manages to stuff nearly $1000 USD worth of black and orange pointy things into a single backpack. Correction: into a single, Bear Grylls Commando 60 pack.

If you’ve been in the hunting/outdoors-y section of a big box store in the last few years, you already know that Gerber knives have put orange paint and Bear Grylls’ name on a veritable landslide of semi-authentic and semi-endorsed survival products. The thinking, of course, is that Bear Grylls is a survival expert, so stuff with his name on it should help you survive the next hurricane/tsunami/zombie uprising/comic-con. Maybe it will, but that’s not what today’s post is about.

Here’s the official product copy, from the Gerber website/online shop.

“Bear Grylls: survivalist icon who relies on his kit as well as his wits to get from lost in the wild to home safe and alive. And what better way to equip with Bear Grylls Gerber survival tools than to obtain the entire Bear Grylls product armada, consisting of every single Bear Grylls product in existence, all stuffed deftly into a Bear Grylls Commando 60 survival pack.”

For the Bear Grylls enthusiast, this is the opportunity to dive headlong into Bear’s kit room, conveniently stored in one super-useful pack. The entire Bear Grylls Gerber survival series, for absolutely any scenario imaginable, available in a single bag.

Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack is more than a little ridiculous … but that won’t stop me from wanting one, you know? Let us know what you think of this survival kit in the comments, below.

Source | Photos: Uncrate, Gerber.

Written by Jo Borrás

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